Photos courtesy BR Succulent Co.

Freshen up Valentine’s Day with dried florals

Each year around Valentine’s Day, it seems like every storefront is covered with Cupids in an attempt to lure in smitten shoppers. But trust me when I say that going to a flower shop, or even the floral counter at the grocery store, on Valentine’s Day is about the equivalent to walking into Walmart the day before a hurricane: chaos. And that’s because no one wants to buy a bouquet too far in advance since flowers wilt and oftentimes die rather quickly. Luckily, Baton Rouge Succulent Company offers something that is bound to last well past Mardi Gras: dried floral arrangements.

We recently met with Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Company, and asked her how she’s been freshening up the Capital City succulent scene with dried florals, and why they make a great V-Day alternative.

After Fransen noticed that dried florals were popping up all over her Instagram feed from people in New York and Australia, she decided to do some research so she could bring the trend right here to Baton Rouge. However, instead of just offering bouquets, Fransen got the idea to create a complete dried floral bar, complete with buckets filled with dried florals of every height, shape and color–and so far customers are loving it.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the dried florals mostly from younger age groups who are embracing the boho design trend in home decor,” explains Fransen. “They like getting to pick and choose small quantities of each flower so they can customize colors and textures.”

Aside from custom bundles, Baton Rouge Succulent Company has taken dried floral designs to the next level with wreaths, small wall decor, headbands, corsages and even statement walls, perfect for photo ops at weddings and events.

“I really love making the large sculptural pieces and have so many ideas for installations,” says Fransen. “Pampas grass and large palm fronds make huge statements, and the feathery look adds a whimsical and natural feel.”

Fransen also explains that something great about the dried arrangements is that they don’t need a lot of sunlight like live plants, so they make for great little touches in bathrooms or on bookshelves or desks. And since they don’t need any upkeep, nor do they wilt–#win–Fransen describes dried florals as the ideal low-maintenance gift this Valentine’s Day. 

“Most of our designs are in the blush and natural color scheme, so they can easily fit into most home decor and match the vibe of Valentine’s Day,” Fransen says. “And the best part–these pieces will essentially last forever.”

To place an order for Valentine’s Day arrangements, go to, or visit the store at 7276 Highland Rd.