Fig & Dove’s hybrid office and showroom gives the brand’s fans a new way to shop this season

The Fig & Dove office on Essen Lane was never meant to be a retail location. It’s not a storefront that any shopper would just stumble upon in a strip mall. But it isn’t a typical office either, especially not at this time of year. “It really is a hybrid office,” says founder and creative director Colleen Waguespack. “It’s where our offices are that we work from all day, but it’s more than that.”

The Fig & Dove team.

Designed with the intention of showing off the products and creating a suitable background for the brand’s online content, which includes some videos that have garnered millions of views, the space gives a glimpse into all Fig & Dove has to offer, from acrylic doves to wreaths (along with Wreath Sashes) to stockings, as well as the personalities behind the brand. When customers stop in to pick up an order or just to get an up-close glimpse of pieces they might want to bring home, they are helped by the small but mighty team behind the brand, including Waguespack herself.

“When I talk to customers, they say they feel like they know us. And I love that,” Waguespack says. “So I wanted a space that when people come in, they feel like they can interact with us in a genuine way.”

During the year, the office is only technically open to the public one Friday of the month. However, during the month of December, the Fig & Dove team has decided to welcome shoppers in from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We started as a Christmas business, so that is our core,” Waguespack explains. “We decided that for the Christmas season, we would leave the office styled all season long and let people come in anytime.”

For Waguespack, though, inviting people into the office isn’t just about making sales. It’s about involving customers in the brand’s creative process. And while some of this happens on social media through comments and messages, Waguespack notes that it’s all the more special when it happens in person.

“We have people come in and say this would be good or we should do more of that,” Waguespack says. “And I’ve noticed my own taste evolve alongside the brand and its customers. When we first started with the Wreath Sashes, I would’ve never thought to put a nutcracker or a Santa or a reindeer. But people love it and so do I.”

Some 53% of Fig & Dove shoppers are repeat customers, a number that Waguespack is especially proud of in light of the holiday traditions she has helped to establish in Baton Rouge and far beyond.

“To me, this means that people are building collections,” Waguespack explains. “Christmas is truly a time when people pause and create these meaningful traditions with their families. It’s special to be a part of that by providing classic and collectible pieces that will stand the test of time.”

Looking to start your collection? Here’s the Fig & Dove team’s holiday must-haves:

Colleen Waguespack, founder and creative director: Acrylic doves. “They are the universal symbol of hope and peace, so I can’t think of anything better for the holidays,” she says.

Caeli Boatner, marketing assistant: Good News angels by Lauren Dunn

Jackie Tucker, chief operations officer: Acrylic stocking holders

Monica Rivet, brand manager & digital content coordinator: Nube centerpiece

Stacy Schliewe, marketing and sales director: Indoor/outdoor lighted stars

Virginia Cain, finance & logistics director: Acrylic doves