Rebecca Klar, Julie Reynolds and Katie Schellack. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

From the February issue: Women tell their stories of overcoming heart disease

February is American Heart Month, and to join the cause, inRegister got a glimpse into the journeys of three local women who had their own battles with heart disease. Julie Reynolds, Katie Schellack and Rebecca Klar recount the stories that changed their lives in their own words, each detailing the impact the disease had not only on them, but on the people around them. However, their stories don’t stop after surgery. These courageous women are using their survival to spread awareness and give strength to those currently fighting.

“We’ve heard the cliché ‘the devil is in the details,’ but that should be amended to ‘God is in the details,'” writes Schellack. “From passing out in my kitchen and thinking I just needed staples to right now, God has been in the details. It’s miraculous, the daily miracles we receive when we have eyes to see them.”

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