Hunter Kirkland

My favorite things: Violet Tremblay

Owner, Painting and Pinot

Guilty pleasure: Reading YA fiction late into the night

Place for lunch: Counter Culture—best sandwich in Baton Rouge!

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Being lazy and having a cup of coffee

Class in high school: English IV—Ms. Crain was incredible!

Childhood memory: Disney World!

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Besides my studio? I LOVE wandering around downtown. The new and old state Capitols are my favorites!

Item in my wardrobe: Pre-COVID or Post-COVID?  Who am I kidding … black leggings.

Song on my playlist: “Work” by Britney Spears

Time of year: Fall—better weather, fall colors, HALLOWEEN!

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Coffee

Way to unwind: Did I mention coffee?

Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Place for a manicure/pedicure: Zaza

Item in my makeup bag: Gimme Brow

Excuse to indulge: Monday?

Out-of-town destination: Breckenridge or Disney

Most treasured possession: My family

Concert I ever attended: TLC last summer. Seriously incredible.

Idea of perfect happiness: Halloween every day? Kidding … I think this answer could change daily!

Talent I wish I had: To sing … Oh man, I would be soooo obnoxious.

My motto for life: Don’t borrow trouble.

Hidden talent: I can organize anything!