My Favorite Things: Renee Craft

Renee Craft
Executive director, McMains Children’s Developmental Center

Place for lunch: Superior GrillD:DCIM100MEDIAIMG_0047.JPG

Guilty pleasure: TaB (yes, they still make it – thank you, Coca-Cola! – and, yes, I have a set of those vintage glasses)

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Any of my daughter’s bajillion activities—she’s in kindergarten. She’s social. She’s busy. She likes to do everything!

TV show: Designated Survivor; reruns of Grey’s Anatomy

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Anywhere with my daughter. Everything truly is new and fun and interesting when experienced through the eyes of a child.

Way to get myself moving in the morning: The fear that I won’t make carpool!

Childhood memory: Summers at Myrtle Beach. Playing “Charlie’s Angels” on the My Fave Things 2-17 experienceplayground. Building pine straw houses in the backyard.

Song on my iPod: “Can’t Stop the Feeling;” soundtracks from Trolls and Sing mixed with some old-school Gap Band … and some country. You can take the girl out of Lincoln Parish, but…

Item in my wardrobe: Black top I bought from a Hollydays vendor

Book: Wild About You! by Judy Sierra is my favorite to read to my daughter. I make excellent character voices.

Hidden talent: I can still do the splits.

Motto for life: Be objective.

Concert I ever attended: Rolling Stones in NOLA, 1990-something

Secret desire: To be in a flash mob