My favorite things: Matt Dawson

Owner, Studio Gray design and branding firm
Founder, Crop graphic design conference, April 20-21

Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift

Place for lunch: Chelsea’s—RIP.

TV show: Seinfeld

Way to spend $20: Definitely queso

Place to have a shopping spree:

Class in high school: Advanced Art

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Goofing around with my wife and daughter

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Crisp, cool fall days on the LSU campus

Way to unwind: Listening to records in the garage

Song on my iPod: Ryan Adams’ “Shiver and Shake”

Locale for date night: The Radio Bar

Item in my wardrobe: Raglan/baseball-style shirts

Website to kill some time:

Concert I ever attended: The Pixies

Book: Harry Potter 

Out-of-town destination: Universal Orlando

My motto for life: Never quit pushing yourself.

Hidden talent: I can and do survive on very little sleep.