My favorite things: Mary Stein

Assistant library director, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Place for lunch: Maison Lacour or Bistro Byronz

Guilty pleasure: Girl Scout Thin Mints. Not sorry. No guilt.

Way to spend a Saturday morning: HGTV

TV shows: Midsomer Murders and Call the Midwife

Way to spend $20: Books! SF or mystery!

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Community Coffee

Childhood memory: As kids, designing our own haunted house in the creepy basement of our Victorian house in West Virginia

Song on my playlist: “Miserere Mei”

Item in my wardrobe: Vintage jacket

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Maker Faire

Way to unwind: Make music

Time of year: April. Just not THIS April.

Book: Just not possible. Maybe a tie between Pride and Prejudice, The Stainless Steel Rat, Wee Free Men and Thirteenth Night: A Medieval Mystery.

Concert I ever attended: Three Dog Night in the ’70s

Perfume: Woodhue

App on my smartphone: Libby

Place to have a shopping spree: The Pink Elephant Antiques

Excuse to indulge: Chocolate pie at Elsie’s Plate and Pie

Out-of-town destination: Hill country west of Austin

Idea of perfect happiness: Rocking and singing to babies

Most treasured possession: Grandfather clock saved from 2016 flood

My motto for life: At work: Nobody dies. In general: God will provide.

Hidden talent: Painting