Photo courtesy Manuel Martinez.

My favorite things: Manuel Martinez

Owner, Martinez Custom Clothier

Place for lunch: Serop’s Café

Guilty pleasure: Peach pie with vanilla ice cream

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Fishing with my grandsons

Way to spend $20: Shoe shine

Class in high school: Math

Childhood memory: Being measured for a suit at age 6

Out-of-town destination: New York

Item in my wardrobe: Too many favorites to pick just one

Way to unwind: Scotch and a cigar

Time of year: Fall

Website to kill some time: Time should not be killed.

App on my smartphone: Waze

Locale for date night: Bar at the Pelican Club in New Orleans

Most treasured possession: Family

Idea of perfect happiness: Getting paid for doing what I love to do

Book : The Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill

Talent I wish I had: Being able to sing

My motto for life: Dress well! Think positive!