My Favorite Things: Lisa Boudreaux-LeCoq

Owner/chef, The Gilded Artichoke Catering Co.

Place for lunch: Binge watching Housewives

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Cooking—either for catering or breakfast for the family if I have a Saturday off

TV show: Wheel of Fortune

Class in high school: Drama

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: LSU tailgating. Period.

Way to get myself moving in the morning: My 3-year-old. Same time every morning!

Item in my wardrobe: Yoga pants

Most treasured possession: Pictures of friends and family

Childhood memory: Shucking peas with my grandmother

Song on my playlist: “This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads

Way to unwind: Pinterest. I can get lost in this app for hours!

Time of year: Fall

Concert I ever attended: I got front-row tickets to The Allman Brothers concert.

Perfume: Currently, Kai

Place to have a shopping spree: Antiques store—I love to go picking!

Way to spend $20: Snow cones on a hot summer day

Excuse to indulge: Life is short. Take the trip. Eat the cake. Buy the shoes.

Out-of-town destination: Oregon—the entire state has so much to offer.

Idea of perfect happiness: Sunny day with an easy breeze. Always brings a smile to my face.

Talent I wish I had: Singing—I can’t … even though I try.

My motto for life: Everything happens for a reason or a season.

Hidden talent: Drawing