My Favorite Things: Jennifer Hataway


Guilty pleasure: Watching dog/soldier reunion videos

Place for lunch: My desk

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Watching my daughters compete on a soccer field or tennis court

Perfume:Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (when I remember to wear it!)

TV show: Real Housewives of Whichever City Happens To Be On At The Time

Way to unwind: Sitting on the front porch with my husband Wes and our dogs

Class in high school: English

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: An LSU basketball game in the PMAC

Song on my playlist: The entire Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac

Childhood memory: A family RV trip to the Grand Canyon

Book: Pride and Prejudice

Item in my wardrobe: Gold hoop earrings

Time of year: Cold dreary winter days

Way to spend $20: Sharing a tennis lesson with friends

Concert I ever attended: Ben Folds

Place for a manicure/pedicure: Zaza. Online booking and comfy chairs—who could ask for more?   

Most treasured possession: A stack of homemade cards from my daughters

Item in my makeup bag: Bare Minerals lipstick

Place to have a shopping spree: Trader Joe’s

Excuse to indulge: A completed to-do list

Way to get myself moving in the morning: A Peloton class

Idea of perfect happiness: Game night with family and friends