My favorite things: Jennifer Butler

Vice President & CFO, The Water Institute of the Gulf

Place for lunch: Any Thai restaurant

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Cup of coffee with my husband on the back porch

TV show: CBS Sunday Morning

Childhood memory: Camping most weekends in Alaska

Way to spend $20: Paying for the person behind me in line

Class in high school: Microeconomics

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction gala

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Listening to my Breethe app

Song on my playlist: Anything performed by Yo-Yo Ma

Talent I wish I had: Playing the cello again

Way to unwind: Playing Monopoly with my kids

Time of year: Spring—it’s baseball season!

Book: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Concert I ever attended: James Taylor

Item in my makeup bag: Bare Minerals lip gloss

Out-of-town destination: Seattle

Most treasured possession: My late brother’s Curious George

Idea of perfect happiness: Sunday dinners at home

My motto for life: Be kind; everyone has a story.