Abby Bullock

My favorite things: Abby Bullock

Owner, Wanderlust by Abby

Place for lunch: Magpie Café

TV show: I am currently obsessed with The Keepers on Netflix.

Class in high school: Art. My teacher nurtured my creative side!

Way to spend a Saturday morning: On the rare occasion my daughter is spending the night out, I love to sleep late and brunch it up with bottomless mimosas.

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Baton Rouge Blues Festival!

Childhood memory: Spending summers tubing on Cross Lake with my dad

Song on my iPod: Anything Britney Spears … I’m a little obsessed!

Item in my wardrobe: A handmade duster by Mamie Ruth of Nashville—I wear it with everything

Time of year: Mardi Gras through St. Paddy’s Day

Item in my makeup bag: “Elope” Liquid Lipstick by Kismet Cosmetics

Book: Is InStyle considered a book? LOL.

Perfume: Thierry Mugler’s Angel—been rocking that scent since 2008

App on my smartphone: Timehop!

Place to have a shopping spree: Nordstrom Rack for sure!

Talent I wish I had: Whistling! My husband can, and I am totally jealous.

Out-of-town destination: Puerto Rico

Hidden talent: I like to pretend I am really good at air hockey.

Most treasured possession: My box of costumes, duh