Courtesy Upstairs Paper Studio.

Fairy tale flourishes: Katie Linck sees the world in watercolors

Once upon a time, in a shotgun house along a woodsy street on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, lived four sisters. When the sisters were not outside among the trees, there were together in a tower made for them by their father. Within the bounds of the staggering ceiling, the area fondly known as “upstairs” by the girls served as an oasis where imagination met reality. Drawings, paintings and crafts came alive, while storybooks set the tone for future creations.

Each sister had her own special talents, and each would grow up to bring those skills to their friends, neighbors and, of course, each other. One in particular, Katie Linck, could harness the beauty around her through drawings and painted words. Unable to envision a world where things were not adorned with delicate brushstrokes and bright flowers, Linck decided to open her very own shop to bring her talents to the world, marking the birth of Upstairs Paper Studio.

“Whatever I do creatively, I want to be serving others, not self-serving.” says Linck, who does commissions for everything from weddings to party decor. “For me, making things beautiful is my way to give back.”

Throughout her life, the paintbrush has always been a natural extension of Linck’s hand and her creativity. Bringing to life lush gardens, regal buildings and even wedding vows, Linck thrives on the opportunity to fuse her vision with that of people from Baton Rouge and beyond.

“One of my favorite things that I’ve done is the maps,” says Linck. “I painted one for my sister’s wedding that went from Zachary through Baton Rouge, so that was very special. Also, after the flood, I got the chance to paint the newly rebuilt house of one of my friends. I love getting to share in special moments by creating something beautiful that preserves the experience.”