Photos courtesy Baton Rouge Gallery.

Face coverings for a cause with Baton Rouge Gallery

Face masks have become a going-out essential recently, and for good reason. The importance of wearing protective coverings has never been greater, both for yourself and for those around you. With that in mind, the Baton Rouge Gallery has partnered up with local artists and creatives to manufacture masks that are equally as protective as they are beautiful. Powered by donations and plenty of teamwork, the gallery has been able to produce breathable, reusable face masks with original designs by 60 local artists.

Mask art by Clark Derbes

According to Jason Andreasen, executive director of the gallery, for every $25 donated to BRG, a mask is provided to the donor, and for an additional donation, a mask is given to a local first responder. And while the masks not only shield those wearing them, they also help to preserve the livelihood of those who craft them.

“A portion of each donation will go directly to the artist whose work is featured on the mask chosen by the donor,” explains Andreasen. “The incomes of many creatives have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and so each mask helps support local and regional artists, as well as an organization that has been supporting them for more than 50 years.”

Not only are the creative coverings a step toward protecting the lives of artists, their supporters, and those on the frontlines, but they also protect the art culture that helps make Baton Rouge what it is. All of the mask options can be viewed here, along with purchasing information.

Which mask would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.