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These beats get exercise going for barre instructor Renee Crochet

Renee Crochet

Setting the tone for your best workout all starts with the music. Not only can music relieve the boredom of monotonous exercises, it can completely change the vibe of your workout, whether you are finding your zen in yoga or pushing through that challenging up-beat boxing class. Renee Crotchet, Master Barre Instructor—or “barretender”—with Body Sculpt Barre Studios can attest to the importance of great tunes as she leads a variety of barre classes at three of Body Sculpt’s four locations.

Starting as a client at Body Sculpt Barre in 2014, Crochet soon acquired certifications and is qualified to teach each class on the Body Sculpt roster. And when it comes to classes, you just can’t beat the classics. Take the traditional Body Sculpt Barre class, for example, where you can expect to hear an exhilarating playlist of some of the best pump-up songs.

“This is our signature class and is specific to our brand, making it my personal favorite to teach,” says Crochet. “It is a total body toning class that integrates pilates, dance and strength training to reshape the entire body. Give me all the throwbacks, club hits and hip hop tracks for that one. My fallback is always the ‘Stunna Hits’ playlist on the Fit Radio app.”

Barre meets cardio in the brawl class. A high-energy boxing class needs a high-energy playlist, and Crochet know just how to keep her clients motivated and moving for the duration of the hour.

“This cardio-induced, sweat-invigorating boxing/barre workout favors a 180+ bpm track to keep the heart rate up,” Crochet says. “Another Fit Radio favorite, ‘Anti Up,’ doesn’t disappoint when it comes to radio edits from the early 2000s.”

Finally, Crochet slow it down and trades in weighted gloves for resistance bands with Body Sculpt’s bands class. That also means swapping the energizing throwback jams for some more relaxed tunes.

“This slow-flowing barre class incorporates resistance band exercises that stimulates the development of small proteins in muscle cells, improving muscle tone and endurance,” says Crochet. “This class is a client favorite, creating a relaxed vibe where they can focus on the breath and mind/body connection. If you are in this class, you are likely to hear Khalid, Shallou and Jai Wolf on this playlist.”

With so many tempting tunes, we’re starting to think that we should go to the gym more often.