Enduring ties

Greig Olivier has supported Ugandan children for almost two decades

Greig Olivier isn’t a millionaire. But he knows he doesn’t have to be one to assist children living in poverty. Olivier lives on a small, fixed income in Baton Rouge yet manages to donate $300 a year to the nonprofit ChildFund International. He has been giving annual support to help sustain and educate a poor child since 1995.

“I wanted to do this as something good in my life,” Olivier says. “If you want to help others, you have to find a way in which you can.”

So far, Olivier has sponsored three Ugandan children in succession and watched them grow through the photographs and the letters they send. He proudly displays the photos on his refrigerator, and he keeps every letter. He likes to know that his money is going to a specific child in need.

“Their lives and experiences are so different from ours,” says Olivier. “The only thing I’m doing is trying to help someone else.”

ChildFund, in its 75th year, works in 30 countries and reaches 18.1 million children and their family members in need. According to the organization, 400 million children worldwide live in extreme poverty. Donations help ChildFund to provide those children with access to clean water, basic health care and education.

For Olivier, the donation each year is a small sacrifice—and worth it to make a difference. To find out more, including how you can donate, visit childfund.org.