Photos courtesy Don't Sweat It.

Don’t Sweat It supports fitness-focused Baton Rougeans

When recent LSU grad Claire Pham began her personal fitness journey many years ago, she was looking for the perfect outlet to destress and improve her lifestyle. It didn’t take long before she realized that, like herself, women all over the Baton Rouge area were embarking on the same journey and craving a little extra support. So, through the help of a few friends and plenty of brainstorming sessions wondering how she could fill the void, Don’t Sweat It was born.

Don’t Sweat It is an Instagram page ran by Pham and her friend Olivia Hoffman that focuses on body positivity, healthy lifestyle choices, and how to live life without “sweating the small stuff.”

“I started Don’t Sweat It about a year ago with the purpose of shedding light on the confusion, pressure and social constructs around women’s health,” explains Pham. “The idea is not to sweat the small stuff, but sweat to live your life to the fullest.”

Living a healthy lifestyle can be intimidating to many people. Diet culture is on the rise and working out does not come easy to everyone. Pham says it’s important for people to know that there really is no “right” way to live healthy, but to focus on what’s right for your body.

Through Don’t Sweat It, Pham and Hoffman share healthy recipes, at-home workouts, words of positivity, and stories of local women on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

“Every Wednesday, we feature a woman in the community and dub her a ‘sweat goddess,'” says Pham. “A sweat goddess is someone who sweats to live her life to the fullest, and tries her best to move and nourish her body in order to thrive.”

Pham explains that the women they highlight are not perfect, but simply the everyday girl who is in need of some recognition. By featuring “sweat goddesses” and sharing tips, tricks and words of affirmation, the Don’t Sweat It duo hopes to spread the #dontsweatit movement and give women the confidence to focus more on individual health in order to enrich their lives.

“When I started Don’t Sweat It, I wanted it to be a platform that inspired women and made living a healthy lifestyle more approachable,” recalls Pham. “Now It’s become so much more than just an Instagram account–it’s becoming a movement.”

Want to join the #dontsweatit movement? Check out @wedontsweatit on Instagram. Take us your journey to a healthier lifestyle by tagging us @inregister on social media.