Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Georgia. Stock photo.

Travel advisor Astrid Clements talks trips to the Peach State

While known for having the best peaches, Georgia has much more to boast about than just fuzzy fruit. From beaches to national parks and cities to small towns, the state seems to stock up on experiences anyone could enjoy. As we plan our next vacation, we’ve definitely got Georgia on our minds.

For travelers, Georgia’s diversity presents an abundance of different destinations to choose from. The only problem is that it can be difficult to decide which one. In order to determine a Georgia destination, Astrid Clements of Astrid Solo Travel Advisor says you must first decide the type of travel experience that’s calling you.

“There are so many things to do in Georgia, I would suggest you first decide what kind of experience you’re in the mood for,” says Clements. “Do you want to relax at the beach or explore a city? Is it a family-oriented vacation or a solo trip?”

Answering these questions will help you narrow down where to visit in the Peach State, so to help get the ball rolling, we asked Clements to offer her top three recommendations, categorized by trip type:


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Escape to the shores in style at Sea Island

According to Clements, there is no seaside experience quite like that at Sea Island. One of the Golden Isles along Georgia’s southeastern coast, Sea Island is a world-renowned resort right here in the South. With five miles of beach, a variety of accommodations and endless outdoor activities, Sea Island is a coastal getaway for all.

“I mean, it’s just fabulous,” says Clements, “It’s great for families, couples and even the solo travel experience.”

Since it is an island, the resort is at least an hour’s drive from any major airport, so Clements reminds us that extra time and additional transportation are likely necessary plans to think about. But of course, the experience at Sea Island is well worth the venture. Just excuse us while we schedule an appointment for falconry lessons (yes, they have that).


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Immerse yourself in Southern culture in Savannah

“If you’re interested in a cultural immersion type of trip in Georgia, or really anywhere in the United States, Savannah is your destination,” says Clements. “It really is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in America.”

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, it’s no surprise that Savannah is rich in history. Antebellum architecture, countless landmarks, and even ghosts are preserved in its downtown. But the charming Southern town is equally hip as it is historic, complete with trendy boutiques and a fabulous food scene.

To soak up all that Savannah has to offer, Clements says to embrace your inner tourist and take a tour. Food tours, history tours, ghost tours—whatever your interests, there’s a tour for that. When everything is planned for you, it’s easier to focus on experiencing the culture. Specifically, Clements recommends taking tours at the beginning of your trip to familiarize yourself with the city and note what you might want to go back to.

Don’t forget your walking shoes! Strolling Savannah’s pedestrian-friendly park-like squares is another great way to experience the city.


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Pick your own famous Georgia peaches outside of Macon 

OK, of course we had to ask Astrid where to get our hands on fresh Georgia peaches. When in Rome, right?

From May to September, delicious juicy peaches are sold fresh at farms around the state. Some of which, Clements explains, allow you to pick them yourself. For the best farm-fresh peaches, she suggests one of the orchards outside of Macon, such as Pearson Farm and Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley or Dickey Farms in Musella.

While a fresh Georgia peach is incredible as-is, many of the farms also have homemade peach goods like ice cream, preserves and peach wine. And of course, the restaurants in Georgia will likely carry all the peach dishes, desserts and drinks you can dream of.