Stella the German shorthaired pointer enjoys swimming to beat the Baton Rouge summer heat.

Dog Days of Summer: Check out the entrants in our pet contest

When we asked the readers of our weekly e-newsletter, inRegister@Home, to share photos and stories about their four-legged friends, the response was overwhelming! We received so many entries into our “Dog Days of Summer” contest that we wanted to share some of our favorites here, along with the messages sent to us by their owners (or in one case by the precocious pup herself). You can also see these adorable pets on our Instagram page, @inregister, and subscribe to the inRegister@Home newsletter by clicking here (be sure to check the box for “inRegister@Home” at the bottom). One thing is clear: Baton Rougeans really love their dogs!

German shorthaired pointer (pictured above)

“Stella is always down for adventures with our family and never leaves our sides. We love our girl!”

—Sarah Modica

English bulldog

“Anytime he’s out on the town, people flock to him like heat to Louisiana. He’s got a hippo bod with a great façade.”

—Keaton Peek DuBois

Yorkshire terrier

“My mama, Rachel Chidester, takes me fishing in the summer. My job on the boat is quality control—it consists of biting the tails of each fish before it goes in the ice chest. I have to make sure they are good enough to keep for the fish fry. Yum, those fried fish are amazing!”


“Heidi has brought our family so much joy. She has taught us to slow down a bit, take slow evening walks now and then, and snuggle more often. She was just what we needed.”

—Andrew, Jennifer, Anna and Sarah Guidroz

Laborador retriever

“Wrigley is the sweetest dog around. We have a 6-month-old baby who he loves and protects. He loves to cuddle and lick her. He’s our gentle giant at 105 pounds. He is our first baby and a huge part of our family.”

—Lindsay Nijoka

Rescue pit bull mix

“Holly is the best dog ever because she absolutely loves everyone she meets! She is truly an advocate for an often discriminated-against breed with her sweet spirit and joyful personality.”

—Jen Schmolke

Doberman pinscher and English bulldog

“Niko loves napping, chewing on tennis balls and not retrieving. Winnie loves coming to work with me every day, but she is scared of anything that has wheels and loud noises. Both of them love their 5-month-old baby sister, Lucy Taylor, and are very protective of her already.”

—Ryan Pitchford


“She is always in the mood to play. She loves to cuddle and be by my side. One of my favorite things is when she rolls over in the morning and wants me to rub her tummy.”

—Bella Rice


“Her kindness is contagious. She brings so many smiles to so many people. There’s not a person or animal she has met that she doesn’t like. What is not to love with Roux by our side?”

—Michaelle Carnaggio


“Christopher is my son Tim’s dog but doesn’t know he is a dog. He will be the ring bearer for Tim’s wedding!”

—Rae Mayeur


“Teddy has an underbite, a sweet smile and an even sweeter pawsonality! He loves walks around the LSU campus, dining on patios, and visiting BREC parks.”

—Tara Schoonover

Miniature dachshund

“Fritz is special to us because we got him when we became empty-nesters and needed someone to spoil! He enjoys sunbathing by the pool and chasing squirrels. His favorite food is ribeye, with ice cream for dessert.”

—Allison and Cid Dillard

Miniature Sheltie

“Teddy can sing second tenor opera! He loves to cuddle, sing and do circus tricks. He brings so much joy to our lives.”

—Wendy Haspel Lipsey

Miniature golden doodle

“He’s about as sweet as they come and becomes fast friends with everyone he meets.”

—Prescott Bailey


“Ollie has a huge personality and loves all humans! His favorite hobbies include playing hide-and-go-seek, eating, going on bike rides with his grandpa, and getting his head scratched.”

—Liz Bahlinger