Photos courtesy Baton Rouge Ballet Theater.

Dance companies leaping to help local restaurants

When dance company Of Moving Colors Productions began brainstorming how to create a fun collaborative project with local establishments, the idea of a dance compilation video caught their attention. Calling it “Leap Appetit,” Of Moving Colors has partnered up with Baton Rouge Ballet Theater and a handful of popular restaurants, giving local dancers the ability to help raise funds for the dance companies and eaterie, to combat lost income due to COVID-19.

“The canceling of our spring fundraisers, as well as events for the many performing arts organizations in the city, has been pretty devastating,” explains artistic director Garland Wilson. “It’s the same with our local restaurants having to close and limit capacity, so we feel as if this project is a fun win-win!”

According to Wilson, dancers perform a 10- to 12-second dance in front of restaurants. Each restaurant features one dancer and then they pass it on to the next dancer. Ultimately, the chain of dances comes together to form one long routine, inspiring hope and showcasing talent and cuisine from all over the city. A few of the restaurants included in the short film are Bistro Byronz, Pastime Restaurant, Stroube’s Seafood and Steaks, Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar, Raising Cane’s, Burgersmith and Mid City Beer Garden.

“I do believe we need to continue to have hope, work together, and encourage citizens to move forward and support their local organizations and businesses,” says Wilson. “Hopefully this will be an inspiration to artists, business owners and anyone that wants to invest in our wonderful city.”

Wilson plans to unveil the short film at the beginning of the state’s phase 3 opening, hoping it will serve as an exciting way to celebrate a step toward normalcy.

In order to get more information on the film or donate to the project, click here