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Creating herb and veggie gardens with Baton Rouge Succulent Company

We’re choosing to see this quarantine as a time to take on all the tasks we always wanted to tackle but never had the time. Cooking, home improvement and even exercise have become the silver linings we need to propel us through this tough time. Luckily, local establishments are still on hand–though at a distance–to assist us with our latest and greatest endeavors.

Gardening is an activity that the whole family can easily get involved in, without ever leaving home. And this spring, Baton Rouge Succulent Company is taking it a step further by adding herbs and vegetables to its plant offerings.

“Right now, Louisiana weather doesn’t get much better, and gardening is the perfect outdoor project,” explains owner Rozlan Fransen. “It’s also the exact time when people are planting their herbs and veggies, so I’m lucky that I can adapt my business to the demand.”

Currently there are 11 different herbs, six tomato varieties, and four vegetables and fruits–including cucumber and strawberries–available for online purchase and local delivery by the Baton Rouge Succulent Company team. With new additions regularly, Fransen says the project is growing–literally–while also offering healthy fun for kids.

“Veggies and herbs grow very quickly so there is some instant gratification for them, and it might even entice them to eat the veggies they grow,” she notes. “I actually got my daughter to eat tomatoes last summer. It didn’t stick, but maybe it’ll work again!”

As for care, both vegetable and herb gardens need plenty of sun and lots of water. Fransen suggests opting for an in-ground garden rather than a potted one so that plants retain water longer. And while that measure decreases the amount of time you have to spend watering, the caretaking process is one that Fransen says is central to the satisfaction that people feel from gardening.

“Green therapy is definitely a thing,” she explains. “Right now, everyone is looking for something that they can do to take their mind off the news. There is actual scientific evidence that caring for plants releases the same type of happy hormones that parents get when caring for a child. Gardening is rewarding from the physical aspect of getting your hands in the dirt to actually eating the fruits of your labor!”

Veggies and herbs, as well as DIY kits, planters and succulents, can be ordered online at