Cover Story: Krewe of Iduna

The name Iduna—or its French counterpart, pronounced e-don-a—first entered the array of Baton Rouge Mardi Gras krewes decades ago, proposed by charter member Ruth Sherlock in 1960 as a women’s krewe of 100 members. The source of such a name, however, extends far beyond city limits. Inspired by a piece of Scandinavian folklore, “The Apples of Iduna,” the krewe lends to its king and queen each year the names of the myth’s main players: Iduna, the goddess of youth, and her husband Bragi, the god of poetry and eloquence—ideal characters to imitate during a night of dancing and revelry. “Every year the ladies entertain our tableau guests with a dance routine that illustrates the ball’s theme,” says 2017 ball captain Jennifer Norsworthy Meyer, who will preside over the January 21 festivities. “Many of us form lasting friendships that way, which makes the ball extra special for krewe members.”