Artist Cora Barhorst, also known as Cora B. Gallery, collaborated with the Local Supply to bring the special display of her well-known circle portraits. Photos by Ariana Allison.

Local Supply opens art installation of artist Cora Barhorst’s celeb portraits

You may see some familiar faces displayed along the walls of Local Supply during your next trip. The faces of Frida Kahlo, Harry Styles and Betty White smile down at shoppers from a new art installation. Artist Cora Barhorst, also known as Cora B. Gallery, collaborated with the Mid City boutique to bring the special display of her well-known circle portraits.

The installation, called FLOURISH, includes a variety of portraits that were hand-picked by Barhorst and Local Supply owners Sarah Guidry and Meredith Waguespack. You’ll spot some influential Louisiana faces like Louis Armstrong along with other Southern icons like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.

“Flourish was the word that I used to describe the whole collection of pieces,” Barhorst says. “I was trying to figure out how they came together and what they meant to me. I really wanted to show how supporting local businesses and makers and investing in our community can make something really special and supports everyone in the process.”

Guidry says she and Waguespack always envisioned having art installations in Local Supply. There is a white wall in the store that was intentionally left blank so that local artists such as Barhorst can showcase a full display of their work in the store.

“We always knew we wanted to keep the wall big and white, so that we could have rotating artists display their work,” Guidry says. “Cora was on the top of our list. She is such an amazing human being on top of being such an amazing artist. … I just let her do her thing, and I didn’t know a whole lot for two months. Then everything started falling into place.”

The shoppable installation will be on display through Christmas, unless it sells out before then. Some of the portraits have already been sold, but the entire display will remain on the wall for three more weeks before customers can take their painting home. Each painting also has a smaller but identical art print, which can be purchased at Local Supply.

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