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The Conscious Moms podcast is making maternal mental health part of the conversation

Having a child is nothing short of a miracle. The baby’s birth, the child’s first word and the first day of school are among the milestones mothers typically experience. But what about the tough times that involve issues too taboo to talk about? Conscious Moms is ditching that stigma by creating a conversational podcast to help mothers, old and new, with all topics related to maternal mental health.

Since May of 2022, the Conscious Moms podcast has helped mothers confidently face challenges of breastfeeding, pelvic floor pain and other issues, while bringing awareness to the general public on ways to support them. The podcast also covers boundary setting, loss and divorce, trauma therapy and, most recently, the dad’s role in raising a child.


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“We find these topics beneficial to moms because they’re subjects that people don’t often know about or discuss due to the stigma associated with them,” nonprofit founder and podcast co-host Artie Varnado says. “We’re hoping to decrease the stigma surrounding maternal mental health through having our conversational podcasts.”

Conscious Moms is working to bring these issues into more conversations so every woman feels supported and understood. Listen to the Conscious Moms podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and for more information and advice on motherhood, visit the Conscious Moms nonprofit website at