Claire Elyse Hutchinson in Cambodia

Headshot claire
Claire Elyse Hutchinson

I was sent to Cambodia to work with an organization called Mission to the World in order to document the ministries of the missionaries located throughout the country through photography and video. I spent time in Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia as well as outlying villages particularly in Kampot Province in the southwest corner of Cambodia. I also had the opportunity to fly up to Siem Reap for a day and visit Angkor Wat, the largest temple city and religious monument in the world—where elephants just roam along paths! I loved the people I met and the time spent seeing what life is like in Angk’jaey Village, Kampot Province. Our team offered a medical clinic for the villagers in order to build relationships with the people there and to address some of their physical needs. I also went to their Sunday morning church service that was held in a small room made of grass and straw along the main dirt road in the village. That morning I watched the sun rise over the mountains and observed the farmers sowing seeds in their fields. I knew then that I was standing in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime moment. It is my privilege to share snapshots of my experiences and of the beautiful people of Cambodia.