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From ‘Business Report’: The art of working from home

If you would have asked me a month ago, working from home would have been a distant luxury filled with athleisure, snacks and all the “me time” I could possibly need. It was a simpler time before social distancing and self quarantine, two newfound realities for people across the globe.

One Baton Rouge woman was ahead of the curve and remotely working before it was cool. Mary Ellen Slayter, the founder and CEO of the B2B content marketing firm RepCap, manages 12 employees from cities like New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, amongst others. Slayter, who often finds herself conducting conference calls during walks along the LSU Lakes, is a local pioneer in terms of capitalizing on technology’s tools.

“I don’t have to limit myself to the talent pool that already lives here or try to convince people to move here,” Slayter says. “I get the people I want, no matter where they live.”

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