Building an art collection

With a background in art and real estate, Trey Bankston knows that the right art collection can complete any space. That, along with his admiration for contemporary art, led to the inception of Contemporain Bankston/Adams Gallery. Below, Bankston shares his advice for a creative compilation to best suit your home.

The thrill of the hunt

Art is emotional. Buy pieces that you fall in love with, and you’ll never regret it. Your collection doesn’t need to match the other home décor, but the pieces should complement each other. Stick to a style, like abstract or realism. If you don’t know where to begin, consult an art dealer or other creative professional who understands your taste.

Discovery zone

Other than art galleries and shows, use local universities as a resource. There are several Master of Fine Arts students at LSU who create incredible pieces.

Paying the price

If a piece deeply moves you, the hefty price tag is worth it. If you truly love it, then it will satisfy you for several years. However, prints are a great option for a lower price. After all, creative indulgences shouldn’t have to break the bank.

Display your way

Hang several pieces together to create a collage. The key to an interesting display is playing with different shapes, sizes and textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Once you find a composition you love, be sure to highlight it with bright LED lights, or use a light background, like a stark white wall, to really make it pop.

Storage made simple

Be cautious with your collection. When packing art, allow breathing room for the canvases. Cutting off exposure to air for oil or acrylic media can ruin a piece.