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August Events talks entertaining with extra touches

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, it seems like everyone is always doing the most and living their best lives. And that extends to the events they are hosting and attending. Local event-planning duo Maranda Cardinale and Tiffany Pilgrim of August Events say that the most memorable events come together not just because of the inclusion of countless small details, but also because of the bold splashes that people will be talking about the next day. We asked this pair how they get creative when it comes to bringing the wow factor to any party.

“Layout and logistics are always where we start with parties, but the next step is almost always identifying an opportunity for a big ‘wow moment’ for the guests,” says Pilgrim. “You don’t always need 20 different extra touches to make a party feel special or memorable. You can focus your funds and energy on a single great one that sets the tone for the whole evening.”

Here are a few of the ways they say you can bring the wow to your next gathering:

1. Creative entrances:

When Les Miles was being inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, we wanted to make the huge ballroom at L’Auberge feel more intimate. We designed a 32-foot-long wall and placed it at the ballroom entrance, acting as a partition that guests had to walk around to enter the party. We customized the wall with a signature logo that was used throughout the event, and flanked it with lists of his accolades and memorable pictures personally selected by his wife, Kathy. It immediately reminded the guests that they were there to celebrate, and it created a little drama because they had to walk around it to see what the rest of the party held for them. The back side of the wall also served as a lounge and cake backdrop.

Photo by Brian Jarreau Photography.

Photo via @poppiesforgrace

2. Streamers:

This is much more micro, but you heard it here first: Streamers are making a comeback. Ribbon streamers, Mylar streamers, traditional streamers, matte streamers–they’re being added to balloon installations to make them feel more special and to add a touch of color and whimsy. @poppiesforgrace is a great Instagram follow if you’re looking for inspiration on how to do this. They even have an online shop where you can purchase the modern streamers from their Insta-looks. @badassballoonco is out of NOLA and they also sell modern streamers in their online shop.

Photo by Renee Lorio Photography.

3. Live and interactive entertainment:

Our favorite “extra touch” of the moment is live entertainment! Photo booths have, in a way, served this purpose for a while, but there are lots of companies who can offer live entertainment in new and exciting ways. 

For kids’ parties, character performers have really kicked things up a notch since we were kids. They roll with impressive costumes and personal sound systems for when they sing their signature songs, and they actually entertain the adults more than you would expect. Moana was giving hula lessons at one of our parties last weekend, and everyone was joining in! 

At adult parties, we suggest hiring mirrored dancers, vintage cigarette girls to pass out party favors, alligator handlers and even caricature artists—it’s always more fun when you get creative with your theme!

4. Wrapped dance floors:

This is a great one for weddings, where you want the bride to be the focal point but still add something to enhance those important pictures. All white is a classic favorite, but you can incorporate a monogram or custom print to kick it up a notch. It’s also great for branding for a corporate or nonprofit event. 

Photo by Renee Lorio Photography.

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