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Watch these local artists share the creation of their art via time-lapse video

There’s something satisfying in seeing a piece of art come to fruition—even more so when you can watch the entire process in less than a minute. With high-speed time lapses becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, it’s no surprise that artists are looking to showcase their work using this handy tool. For a little dose of art therapy, check out these local artists’ time lapse creations.


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With the flick of the wrist and a palette of paint, artist Jade Brady magically transforms fish into flowers with this watercolor masterpiece.


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Who wouldn’t want a colorful tufted mirror to hang in the home? Check out more of Grace Holden’s tufting-gun skills over on her Instagram page where she creates all kinds of fuzzy goods. And read more about her work in this recent story from inRegister’s pages.

While artist Amber LeBlanc’s process is paint, blend, mist, gold foil and repeat—ours is sit, watch, enjoy and repeat.

Do you ever catch yourself staring at a piece of  pottery and think to yourself, “How in the world did someone make this?” Well, Ghada Henagan is showing you how in this short behind-the-scenes clip of her “Hope” and “Joy” coffee mugs.

So aesthetically pleasing and so incredibly satisfying. This Chad Schoonmaker piece captures the essence of southern Louisiana waters. The painting is now hanging in Baton Rouge’s latest food spot, SoLou Patio Restaurant Bar.

The die-hard LSU fan in all of us is gushing over this Rony the Tiger painting by Shelli Brown. I mean c’mon, it’s literally bleeding purple and gold. And check out our story on Brown and her impromptu tiger-turned-success in this story from the inRegister archives.

You may remember Stephanie Torregrossa from our October 2016 issue story here, highlighting pet portraiture. But Torregrossa’s painting skills go far beyond pets—with a few tools, she can make any painting come to life.

We can’t forget Nicole Cotten Callac’s time-lapse video of her inRegister December 2020 cover painting. Check it out to hear Callac’s thoughts behind the her “Women with a Cause” artwork.