Photo by Heather McClelland

The Baton Rouge Gallery takes on digital decorating with a new app

The Baton Rouge Gallery is stepping into your home this month—virtually, that is. Thanks to a new partnership with the free ArtPlacer augmented reality app, connoisseurs and casual collectors alike can now take the guesswork out of choosing wall art for their home.

Think of it like taking a picture, but with a little bit of digital magic thrown in. If, when perusing via smartphone or tablet the online gallery of BRG members’ artworks, you spot one you like, simply click the “Preview with Augmented Reality” button next to an image to show what the artwork looks like—true to scale—in your home. Change the frame, change the perspective—no guesswork necessary. Non-smartphone users can also send BRG a photo of their space and the dimensions of the walls to be bedecked, and BRG will create a digital mock-up for them at no cost.

“Part of the purpose of introducing this feature is to make art buying more accessible,” says Jason Andreasen, BRG’s president and CEO. “We have already heard from some that this has allowed them to make decisions about adding artworks more confidently and comfortably. It uses technology common on many—if not most—smartphones, but we wanted everyone, smartphone or not, to have a way to take advantage of it.”

Though the app allows displays of up to ten artworks at a time, you may be hard-pressed to stick with so few, considering that BRG is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year alongside a continuously growing roster of artists. When you do decide on a picture-perfect piece, though, the gallery allows for an interest-free payment plan and a “22.5” delivery system, which includes complimentary delivery of artworks to any home or office within 22.5 miles of BRG’s location inside BREC’s City Park.

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