Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

From the April issue: Works of art breathe life into a renovated cottage

Growing up surrounded by art, Lucie Kantrow has reflected her appreciation for it in her renovated cottage in the Webb Park area. Having grown up only a few blocks away, the cottage was the perfect place to create her new art gallery-inspired home. “I think that my exposure to art growing up was key,” notes Lucie.

Paintings and mixed-media works, mostly done by Louisiana artists, fill the walls of the home and brighten the space. Pieces by Tony Mose, Emily Monroe Godfrey and Patt Odom of Ocean Springs bring life to the kitchen, while works by Yvette Owens, Jennifer Roy Oliver and many more are scattered throughout the rest of the home.

“It’s something that I see every day, and it makes me happy,” adds Lucie.

Keeping the original layout of the cottage, Lucie refrained from tearing out walls and creating giant rooms to serve multiple purposes. “I know the trend is to have great big open spaces, but I like rooms, which is kind of old school,” says Lucie.

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