Photo courtesy Shrunk 3D

A new mobile photo booth is bringing 3D-printing action figures to Baton Rouge

Ever wanted to shrink to the size of an action figure? Shrunk 3D, a new picture booth servicing Baton Rouge, makes it possible with nothing more than a quick photo session.

Customers can enter the mobile photo-booth-on-wheels and strike a pose while multiple cameras capture every angle. The photo is configured and printed as a 3D keepsake.

When Tony and Anne Hall saw a Facebook ad for the South Carolina-born business, they knew they had to bring the concept to Baton Rouge. The franchisees began wheeling their Shrunk 3D cart around the Capital Region this past January. They say they can transport it almost anywhere, from brewery pop-ups to high school sporting events. The figures are purchased as gifts, keepsakes and even wedding cake toppers, the couple says.

“(Shrunk 3D) is the first (fully) mobile photo booth where you can get anything done like this, for sure,” Tony says. “We were, I think, No. 18 for franchises, and it’s up to (37) now. So it’s growing fast across the country.”

But, how exactly does it work? The small trailer houses over 90 cameras to capture every side of a person, the Halls explain. The subject can review their photo or try again with a different snap. The 360-degree images are then sent to designers, who piece together the snapshots into a digital format. Finally, the rendering is printed in full-color nylon with professional HP 3D printers and shipped to the customer.

Anne says the photo shoot lasts only about a second. In that time, the booth will capture about 190 images from all sides. Customers can expect to receive their purchase about four to six weeks later, the Halls say, because designs go through an approval process to ensure the figures look identical to the customer.

“They’re very detailed,” she says, adding that she always shows off her own 3D figure to people. “I’m like ‘Look! You can tell it’s us.’”

The figures will capture almost every detail, from the texture of jeans to the imprint of wallets in pockets, Anne says. But, there are a few things that are hard to 3D print. She says metallic fabric usually doesn’t show, and tiny embellishments like feathers may lack realism. Eyeglasses are also not recommended, because the glare can block the eyes. Customers shouldn’t pose with peace signs or hold up thin props due to potential breakage on the smaller figures.

“Anything small, you just have to support it,” Tony says. “Like a golf club, you couldn’t just hold it in the air. You have to have it on the ground so it’s connected at two points.”

There are also restrictions on the number of people that can be included in a statue due to limited space in the booth and to ensure no one blocks a camera. Tony recommends two people max, though babies, small children or dogs can be added to that, as well.

The cost of the custom figurines varies by size. Figures range from 3 inches to 1 foot tall. A 3-inch model starts at $90 plus tax and shipping, according to Tony. A 12-inch figure can cost over $400 with fees. Though making a mini figure in your likeness can get pricy, Tony says every customer thinks it’s worth it upon seeing themselves shrunk down. And, their reactions are priceless.

In the future, the couple hopes Shrunk 3D works out a partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company, which would allow for the production of LSU-themed figurines. There is also the opportunity for corporate sponsorships in which companies can print their logos or QR codes on the base of figures at events. Additionally, the Halls are open to fundraisers and can offer a percentage of sales back to schools or companies that bring their photo booth in.

Follow Baton Rouge’s Shrunk 3D booth on Instagram to see where it will go next. For private bookings and inquiries, email [email protected] or call 225-515-1015. Find more information on Shrunk 3D’s website.

This article originally appeared in 225 magazine’s 225 Daily newsletter.