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The 4-1-1 on Red Stick Refinement


Red Stick Refinement educates students on the manners of today’s modern world and preserves timeless etiquettes. Offering classes for both children and adults in group or private instructional settings on topics like first impressions, posture, handshakes, conversation skills, online manners.


Four fun facts


1. Red Stick Refinement is a new modern etiquette business inBaton Rouge. The curriculum focuses on social and interpersonal skills, and dinning etiquette.


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2. In the Social Skills portion of the class, students learn the importance of eye contact, handshakes and a proper introduction. Interpersonal skills are also a big focus. Some people lack this skill set in today’s digital world. “Part of having good manners is the ability to carry on a conversation and make the people around you feel welcome,” April says. During the Table Etiquette portion of the class, students learn about table manners including how to eat both American style and Continental or European style.


3. Post with intention—in the Social Media portion, etiquette is addressed for students across social media platforms. April talks about managing an online presence by positioning yourself in a positive manner.


4. Founder and Owner, April Palombo Setliff, was trained and certified in New York City by the American Academy of Etiquette.

One thing you didn’t know they offered

• Red Stick Refinement offers classes to adults as well. April recently taught business dining etiquette to a savvy local company who wanted to ensure their employees know proper dining etiquette for entertaining clients.


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One reason you should come in soon

• Using proper etiquette and manners is more than just knowing which fork to use or what not to post on Instagram. It’s really knowing how make the people around you feel comfortable, welcome and respected. It’s a skill set that can be used throughout life in any social situation.




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