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225GIVES starts today

More often than not, the best holiday traditions arise not from the things you receive, but from the things you give back in return. That’s why Capital Area United Way is celebrating the season with Giving Tuesday.

Today, on November 30, the 24-hour online fundraising competition will commence, encouraging shoppers to hunt for opportunities to give to their favorite Capital Region charities. The program, known as 225GIVES, aims to raise millions for the organizations found on its website, and includes groups working in almost every sector imaginable, from arts to education to social justice.

After a difficult two years, raising money for charitable organizations is more important than ever; each gift goes toward repairing the time, energy and resources our region needs to keep our communities thriving—even a glance could help you discover a cause you didn’t even know had a face in Baton Rouge.

For more information, including a list of organizations and fundraising pages, visit