Istrouma Brewing's barrels of in-house beer. Photo by Ariana Allison.

From ‘225’: Inside Istrouma Brewing’s art-farm concept

At Istrouma Brewing, everything you touch reveals a story. From the discarded piano resurrected as an eye-catching table to a tatty pickup truck recycled to seat ardent beer aficionados, the converted barn-to-brewery is bubbling with artistry.

Located at Sugar Farms in St. Gabriel, Istrouma Brewing is surrounded by a sweeping grassy landscape where horses and other animals roam the fields. When customers are not transfixed by the flavors of Istrouma’s stouts and sours, they will be hypnotized by the zestful atmosphere around them. Born out of a cherished pastime for owner John Haynes and his team of home-brewers, Istrouma Brewing has a flair for the unconventional with its expansive array of memorabilia collected from Haynes’ travels, making it the next brewery on our list to visit.

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