Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes

2018 Best Dressed: American Cancer Society honorees shine the spotlight on a spirit of hope

Last year’s 50th-anniversary Baton Rouge Best Dressed Ball was all about looking back. The celebration marked a half-century in which more than $3 million was raised for the American Cancer Society’s critical mission to combat an all-too-common disease. This year, however, the Best Dressed Ball has its sights set on the future—a new era that promises to be marked by new advances in diagnosis and treatment. With a theme of hope, the 2018 event’s organizers will recognize 20 local men and women who share this philanthropic vision on August 11 at the Raising Cane’s River Center. Read more about the honorees on the pages that follow.


Your style in five words or less: Polished but fun! Classic and feminine.
Fashion inspiration: I love to shop local, so I follow local shops’ social media pages.
Daily uniform: Wilt T-shirts, Golden Goose leather sneakers, cut-offs
Weekend ensemble: If I’m lucky, a fabulous outfit, but normally jeans and a fun top
Prized possession: A gold and pearl bracelet originally owned by my grandmother that I inherited
Most splurge-worthy item: Diamond studs that I wear daily
Piece I skimp on: Cheap shoes and purses
Last thing I purchased: Karl Lagerfeld patent slides
I can’t get enough of: Cute everyday dresses
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Lilly Pulitzer—too much pattern
Worst fashion memory: College days: high-waisted, knee- length shorts. Nothing flattering about that!
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Velour sweatpants
Signature fragrance: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Spend time on the right outfit, because it will shape your mood.
Fashion motto: Buy less; choose well.

“My dear friends lost their precious daughter to a brain tumor.”

Developer, Southern Lifestyle Development

Your style in five words or less: Relaxed business casual
Fashion inspiration: My mom was always the fashion guru in the house growing up.
Favorite designer: All things Ledbury
Daily uniform: Button-down, jeans and my oxfords. I keep a jacket nearby if I need to dress up.
Weekend ensemble: T-shirt and jeans—keep it comfortable.
Go-to pair of denim: Bonobos
Prized possession: I’ve got a blue tuxedo that I can’t wear enough.
Most splurge-worthy item: I’ll spend on a nice suit because it will last forever.
Piece I skimp on: Boxer briefs—I buy in bulk!
Last thing I purchased: Cole Hahn Zerogrands. Dress shoes with a running-shoe sole—total game changer.
What I’m looking for now: A nice gray tuxedo. I always feel invincible in a tuxedo.
I can’t get enough of: Good socks. If you’re still buying boring brown socks, we may not be able to be friends.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Sandals with socks—what is that move?
Worst fashion memory: In second grade, I went all in on bike shorts. I didn’t start a trend like I anticipated, and those pictures still haunt me at family gatherings.
If no one were looking, I’d wear: T-shirts every day
Signature fragrance:I try not to get too fragrance happy, but when the time calls for it I’ll put on some Bond.
Must-have product: Can’t leave home without my watch. I’d be lost and late.
Favorite tie: Black with white dots—works with so many suits.
Best fashion advice I’ve received: If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Seriously though, just buy clothes that fit well and that’s 90% of the battle.
Fashion motto: Look good, feel good.

“As so many of us have, I have been pained to watch many friends and family members suffer losses and fight painful battles due to cancer. I am so proud and thankful to be a part of raising money for an incredible charity to do every little bit that we can to help.”


Your style in five words or less: Casual, cool, comfy and chic
Fashion inspiration: Bonnie Dial
Favorite designer: Drew
Daily uniform: Sunscreen, leggings, tennis shoes and a casual top
Go-to pair of denim: Frame
Prized possessions: My sound machine and my childhood pillow
Most splurge-worthy item: IRO leather jacket
Piece I skimp on: Makeup
I can’t get enough of: My beer koozie
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Crocs
Worst fashion memory: My high-school years
If no one were looking, I’d wear: PJs
Must-have product: Branch Basics
Favorite footwear: Rag & Bone, or Rebecca Minkoff
Handbag of choice: Same one I’ve had since college
Best fashion advice I’ve received: If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.
Fashion motto: You gotta hem it.

“My grandmother had breast cancer, and my best friend’s daughter had pediatric cancer.”


Your style in five words or less: Classic pieces with attention to detail
Fashion inspiration: Henry Sands Brooks and Ralph Lauren
Favorite designer: Peter Millar and J.Hilburn
Daily uniform: Slacks and a button-down
Weekend ensemble: Khaki shorts and a long-sleeve T-shirt
Go-to pair of denim: AG Jeans
Prized possession: My father’s Sigma Chi badge and his watch
Most splurge-worthy item: Watch
Piece I skimp on: Socks
Last thing I purchased: J.Hilburn suit
I can’t get enough of: Long-sleeve T-shirts
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Skinny jeans
Worst fashion memory: 10th-grade homecoming suit
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Boxers and a long-sleeve T-shirt
Signature fragrance: Hermès
Favorite footwear: Cole Haan
Favorite tie: Hermès
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Style should be personal and not trendy.

“I experienced the loss of a dear sister-in-law to cancer at way too young an age.”

Emergency medicine physician

Your style in five words or less: Bold, modern, classy, sexy, comfortable
Fashion inspiration: Jennifer Lopez—daring and beautiful
Favorite designers: BCBG, Tory Burch and Rachel Zoe
Daily uniform: Scrubs at work
Weekend ensemble: Dresses, tights, comfortable shirts
Prized possession: Black fur jacket
Most splurge-worthy item: Camel coat from Tory Burch, and handbags
Piece I skimp on: None … Sometimes everything
I can’t get enough of: Cuff earrings and Lululemon tights
Worst fashion memory: Z. Cavaricci pants tight-rolled at the bottom
If no one were looking, I’d wear: My pajamas all day
Signature fragrance: Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou
Must-have product: Good comfortable socks
Favorite footwear: Any high heels
Handbag of choice: Louis Vuitton
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Dress like Coco, live like Jackie, act like Audrey, laugh like Lucy.
Fashion motto: “Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” — Coco Chanel

“My grandfather died of lung cancer. I see patients all the time with cancer and related complications.”

Unpaid Uber driver, aka stay-at-home mom

Your style in five words or less: Carpool chic
Fashion inspiration: Former Best Dressed honoree Lindsey Whittle
Favorite designer: Lululemon
Daily uniform: Yoga pants, T-shirt, flip-flops and a ponytail
Go-to pair of denim: Skinny-fit Seven jeans
Prized possession: Christian Louboutin shoes
Most splurge-worthy item: Sunglasses
Piece I skimp on: Handbags
Last thing I purchased: A cute pair of Ugg tennis shoes
Worst fashion memory: All of the pictures of dresses I wore to high-school dances make me cringe!
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Pajama pants all day
Signature fragrance: Chloé
Must-have product: Loma hair moisturizer
Favorite footwear: Flip-flops
Best fashion advice I’ve received: My mother-in-law always tells me, “You’re tall—you can wear anything!”
Fashion motto: It’s gotta be comfortable.

“My grandmother passed away at age 63 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. We were Cajun dance buddies, and she was so much fun. It was awful to watch her suffer.”

ESPN NFL analyst

Your style in five words or less: All mine, no one else’s
Fashion inspiration: Michael Jordan
Favorite designer: Elevee Custom Clothing
Daily uniform: DB Precision zip-up and Lululemon sweats
Weekend ensemble: Pretty much the same, just a Lulu shirt and Jordans
Go-to pair of denim: AG “The Graduate”
Prized possession: My family
Most splurge-worthy item: My suits
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Baggy jeans
Worst fashion memory: My large collection of oversized throwback football jerseys
If no one were looking, I’d wear: The exact same thing I always wear—who cares who is looking!
Signature fragrance: Bond No. 9
Must-have productKiehl’s face wash and moisturizer
Favorite footwear: John Varvatos dress shoes and Air Jordans
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Wear what makes me comfortable.
Fashion motto: You ain’t gotta like it because I do.

“I’ve watched cancer change lives, but not how you might expect. Survivors have gotten stronger, families have gotten stronger. Cancer is such a powerful enemy that it forces people to be their best selves in order to fight it.”

Insurance agent

Your style in five words or less: Comfy, classy, simple, casual, trendy
Daily uniform: Golf-style polo and Peter Millar five-pocket pants
Weekend ensemble: Depends on the time of year but usually involves Lululemon
Go-to pair of denimAG Jeans
Prized possession: Either my recently won Rolex (Hollydays) or my grandfather’s wedding ring
Most splurge-worthy item: Shoes or sunglasses
Last thing I purchased: Some fresh black Jordan 3’s
What I’m looking for now: I’ll know it when I see it.
I can’t get enough of: Lululemon 5 Year Basic V-neck
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Overalls
Worst fashion memory: Baggy, oversized, sagged pants in high school
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Underwear
Signature fragrance: My pheromones (I don’t wear cologne)
Favorite footwear: Anything stylish and comfy. I have way too many shoes.
Favorite tie: Robert Talbott
Best fashion advice I’ve received: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
Fashion motto: Dress nice—you never know who you might run into.

“Both of my grandfathers had lung cancer, and my dad was recently diagnosed with skin cancer.”


Your style in five words or less: Classy meets trendy.
Favorite designer: Kendra Scott—creative and pretty jewelry designer and philanthropist.
Daily uniform: All black for work
Weekend ensemble: Jeans, blouse, sandals and sunglasses
Go-to pair of denim: Dark and skinny
Prized possession: A glass doorknob that was in my grandmother’s house
Most splurge-worthy item: Handbags
Piece I skimp on: Tennis shoes
Last thing I purchased: Kendra Scott cuff bracelet
I can’t get enough of: Black jumpsuits
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: I never say never.
Worst fashion memory: I owned a crimper; need I say more?
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Leggings as pants
Signature fragrance: Dior J’adore
Must-have product: Living Proof dry shampoo
Favorite footwear: Tory Burch sandals
Handbag of choice: Louis Vuitton
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Nude heels lengthen your legs.
Fashion motto: Self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it.

“I’ve lost two uncles in the past couple of years. Everyone should have the opportunity to have the best care offered, no matter the cost or location.”

Your style in five words or less: Classic and comfy casual

Fashion inspiration: Kate Middleton—I don’t necessarily dress like her, but I like her style.
Favorite designer: Carmen Marc Valvo, Vince and Halston Heritage
Daily uniform: Jeans or workout clothes
Weekend ensemble: Anything that’s comfortable to sit at my boys’ sporting events in
Go-to pair of denim: AG Jeans
Prized possession: My family—they gave me my strength and a reason to fight when I was sick.
Most splurge-worthy item: I love designer handbags.
Last thing I purchased: This dress!
I can’t get enough of: Everyday jewelry
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Reeboks with the straps
Worst fashion memory: Skorts, big bangs and lots of neon!
If no one were looking, I’d wear: My pajamas
Signature fragrances: Quelques Fleurs and Creed Aventus for Her
Must-have product: Kiehl’s Crème de Corps body moisturizer
Handbag of choice: Chloé
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Just because it may come in your size doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear it!
Fashion motto: No matter what is happening with your body, your shoe size always stays the same!

“In 2010, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Thanks to the support I received from friends, family, my doctors and the American Cancer Society, I am alive and able to pay it forward.”

CEO, Marucci Sports

Your style in five words or less:Conservative and classic
Fashion inspiration:MLB execs
Daily uniform: Slacks and collared shirt
Weekend ensemble: Workout clothes during the day and jeans with collared shirt at night
Go-to pair of denim:Citizens of Humanity
Prized possession:My family
Most splurge-worthy item:Kids’ activities
Piece I skimp on: Socks
Last thing I purchased: Custom sport coat
What I’m looking for now: Dress watch
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Pink shirt
Worst fashion memory:Tight-rolled jeans in middle school
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Same thing I wear now and would still tuck in my shirt
Must-have product: Custom dress shirts
Favorite footwear:Nike
Favorite tie: Not a fan of ties
Best fashion advice I’ve received: There is no such thing as overdressed.

“Just recently, my father-in-law completed his chemo treatments and is doing well.”

Owner/designer, Mint

Your style in five words or less: Classic. Timeless. Feminine.
Fashion inspiration: Kristin Cavallari, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively
Favorite designers: Alexis and Milly
Daily uniform: Lululemon
Weekend ensemble: I’m always in a hat! Whether it’s a fedora or a baseball cap, I love a hat—especially on the weekends.
Go-to pair of denim: Mother
Prized possession: My children, McKinley and McCoy
Most splurge-worthy itemAnything black. Nude shoe. Killer handbag.
Piece I skimp on: Anything super trendy
Last thing I purchased: Sophia Webster heels
I can’t get enough of: Naps. Costumes. Hats. Champagne. Pampering myself. Lash extensions. And anything pink.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A bikini
Worst fashion memory: Acid-washed jean shorts, oversized Coca-Cola apparel, and wigwam socks with Keds
If no one were looking, I’d wear: A muumuu
Signature fragrance: Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris
Must-have product: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo and Salon Bronze at-home airbrush tanning gun
Favorite footwear: A nude heel is my go-to—you can never have enough. My all-time favorites are my Christian Louboutin patent-leather peep-toe pumps. They go with everything!
Handbag of choice: Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Embrace your shape and know which silhouettes are flattering.
Fashion motto: You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

“I have lost all of my grandparents to cancer. More recently, it has affected my distant cousin, my friend’s daughter, and my friend.”


Your style in five words or less: Relaxed
Daily uniform: Coat and tie
Go-to pair of denim: Peter Millar
Most splurge-worthy item: Sport coat
Last thing I purchased: Concert tickets
I can’t get enough of: Paul Smith socks
Worst fashion memory: Mickey Mouse fanny pack
Must-have product: Kiehl’s shaving cream
Favorite footwear: Prada
Favorite ties: Kiton and Brioni

Owner, Alton Landry Inc.

Your style in five words or less: Casual
Fashion inspiration: Ralph Lauren
Favorite designer: J.Hilburn
Daily uniform: T-shirt, khakis and boots
Weekend ensemble: Button-down and jeans
Go-to pair of denim: AG Jeans
Prized possession: New truck
Most splurge-worthy item: Custom tux
Piece I skimp on: Shoes
What I’m looking for now: Nice watch
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Spandex
If no one were looking, I’d wear: T-shirt and boxers
Signature fragrance: Chanel Bleu
Favorite footwear: Nike tennis shoes
Best fashion advice I’ve received: I’m colorblind, so my wife’s best advice was to always wear a white shirt—it goes with everything.
Fashion motto: Be comfortable.

“My father beat the battle of prostate cancer. I also have two close friends who have successfully fought the disease and two who are now fighting cancer.”

Wife, parent, community organizer

Your style in five words or less: Kindness is always fashionable.
Fashion inspiration: Fashion blogs and Vogue
Favorite designer: Rachel Zoe
Daily uniform: Sunshades and gym clothes
Go-to pair of denim: Show Me Your Mumu Berkeley Bells
Prized possession: My wedding ring
Most splurge-worthy item: Christian Louboutin “So Kate” stilettos
Piece I skimp on: Jewelry
Last thing I purchased: Monomin’s “The Fader” fedora
What I’m looking for now: Velvet blazer
I can’t get enough of: Hats
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Dickie mock turtleneck
Worst fashion memory: Wind suit and butterfly clips for my hair
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Slippers
Signature fragrance: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Must-have product: Dry shampoo
Favorite footwear: Anything trendy and fashionable
Handbag of choice: Louis Vuitton
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Only wear jewelry on days ending in Y. Life is a party—dress like it!
Fashion motto: It’s better to arrive late than ugly.

“Watching as God moves through people and communities to help make triumphs out of tragedy is a true miracle!”

Residential contractor, Vertical Construction

Your style in five words or less: Preppy and casual with a touch of country
Fashion inspiration: Pitbull with a little George Strait
Daily uniform: Orange shorts and black Vertical shirt
Weekend ensemble: Jeans, boots, a button-down shirt and a sport coat
Go-to pair of denim: My Wrangler jeans
Prized possession: My three children
Most splurge-worthy item: Alligator boots
Piece I skimp on: I don’t buy designer clothes.
Last thing I purchased: Cane’s coaching gear
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Skinny jeans
Worst fashion memory: Mullet with a rat tail and tight-rolled jeans—totally ’80s!
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Boxers and a T-shirt
Must-have product: I don’t really use products … Old Spice deodorant!
Favorite footwear: A good pair of cowboy boots
Favorite tie: The one Holly, my wife, bought me to wear
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Be comfortable with a touch of style.
Fashion motto: Always have something nice on your feet. People always look down to see what you’re wearing.

“I lost my grandfather and one of my lifelong friends to cancer.”

Vice president of public affairs, Entergy Louisiana

Your style in five words or less: Southern comfort—not the drink.
Fashion inspiration: My dad—he has a classic style and is always dressed appropriately for every occasion.
Favorite designer: Whatever Will at Carriages tells me
Daily uniform: Depending on the day, slacks and a button-down or a suit
Weekend ensemble: Depends on what my wife has on the social calendar
Go-to pair of denim: Lucky Brand jeans are fat-guy friendly.
Prized possession: A North Face vest that a buddy gave me; it has the original symbol on it.
Most splurge-worthy item: Good, not necessarily expensive, sunglasses
Piece I skimp on: Watches
Last thing I purchased: A pair of Suncloud sunglasses
I can’t get enough of: Unique cufflinks
Worst fashion memory: The entire 1990s
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Pajamas … all the time
Signature fragrance: Creed Aventus
Must-have product: Hair-related products to keep my Italian mop in place
Favorite footwear: A comfortable pair of loafers
Favorite tie: A Mardi Gras bowtie that can only be worn a couple times per year
Best fashion advice I’ve received: “You have to go change.” —My wife
Fashion motto: If it’s not comfortable, you are just showing off.

“My father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer over a year ago. After excellent treatment through Mary Bird Perkins, he is in remission.”


Your style in five words or less: Dressed to impress
Fashion inspiration: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Ashley Atiyeh Miles
Favorite designer: Ameline & Eileen Fisher
Daily uniform: Pearls, popped-collar top, black pants, red lipstick and manicure
Go-to pair of denim: NEVER!
Prized possession: My family
Most splurge-worthy itemFurs, Chanel handbags and cosmetic surgery
Piece I skimp on: Shoes
Last thing I purchased: Mongolian fur hat and Kemo Sabe cowboy hat
What I’m looking for now: Comfortable black boots
I can’t get enough of: Injections from Williamson Cosmetic Center
Wouldn’t be caught dead in:Denim or a tube top
Worst fashion memory: Permed hair
If no one were looking, I’d wear: My muumuu
Signature fragrance: Bond No. 9 New York Amber
Must-have product: Erno Laszlo facial products
Favorite footwear: Naturalizer and Sesto Meucci
Handbag of choice: Chanel
Best fashion advice I’ve received: My dad told me to never leave the house without a manicure.
Fashion motto: Lipstick, pearls and diamonds

“I lost my mom to lung cancer. Watching her deteriorate from this awful disease was the most traumatic experience.”

Cardiac electrophysiologist

Your style in five words or less: Styles change. Don’t get stuck.
Favorite designer: Billy Reid
Daily uniform: Scrubs
Weekend ensembleWorkout clothes
Go-to pair of denim: J.Crew 484
Prized possession: Vintage watch from my birth year and my dad’s pocketknife collection
Most splurge-worthy item: Watches
Piece I skimp on: Dress socks. I have not invested in the crazy sock trend.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Matching family Christmas pajamas
Last thing I purchased: A heart-rate-variability sensor that helps you synchronize your heart, breath and brain when meditating
What I’m looking for now: Better ways to treat patients with heart disease and atrial fibrillation
Worst fashion memory: Too much denim at the same time
If no one were looking, I’d wear: A superhero cape
Must-have product: A soft, comfortable undershirt
Favorite footwear: I have a lot of different types of longwings, but my favorites are by Alden.
Best fashion advice I’ve received: Bring your clothes to a tailor.
Fashion motto: Does my wife like it?

“I have had too many patients to list that have battled cancer. This has made me realize that our environment in Baton Rouge needs to change. We have a responsibility to stop the waste of our clean drinking water, keep pollution out of the air we breathe, keep the dirt our children play in free of carcinogens, and provide safe places to exercise outdoors.”

Commercial real estate agent, Waters & Pettit

Your style in five words or less: Classic, clean lines, timeless
Fashion inspiration: Olivia Palermo
Favorite designer: Alexis, IRO, Vince
Daily uniform: Pants, jacket/blazer, great earrings and necklace
Weekend ensemble: Jeans and wedges or booties
Go-to pair of denim: Rag & Bone
Prized possession: Wedding ring
Most splurge-worthy item: Christian Louboutin black pumps
Piece I skimp on: Bathing suits (I rarely wear one)
What I’m looking for now: Fall boots
I can’t get enough of: Disco music
Worst fashion memory: Tight-rolled jeans and shoulder pads (think Dynasty)
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Socks with everything—my feet are always cold.
Must-have product: Moisturizer
Favorite footwear: Raye, Manolo Blahnik, Gentle Souls
Handbag of choice: Stick with the classic—Chanel.
Best fashion advice I’ve received: When in doubt, always overdress and wear a smile.
Fashion motto: Dress like it’s the best day of your life!

“My grandmother fought cancer much of her life, and my dad is a prostate cancer survivor. This has made it real and has increased my awareness for early detection.”