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10 Questions with Baton Rouge’s newest academic workspace, Studyville

Crinkled-up balls of paper. Worn down erasers. Scratching heads. Home might be where the heart is, but it doesn’t have to be where the homework is—at least, that’s what Amanda Vincent was thinking before she created Studyville, an academic workspace that provides teenage students with the necessary tools to tackle learning. As a parent, Vincent experienced the homework struggle with her own family and knew there had to be a better solution to the problem. With Studyville, Vincent provides students with access to tutors, classes and even fun activities like Studyville’s Book & Film series to creatively engage students and help them feel confident in their studies, something parents are equally thrilled about. We reached out to Vincent to give us a look at Studyville and how it can alleviate the stresses of those late-night homework fights.

1. What is the story behind Studyville? How did it begin?

The idea of Studyville was born out of frustration with fighting the homework battle firsthand. Private tutoring was great, but I saw how much my boys enjoyed studying with friends and needed a place of their own, where they could work with their friends and expert tutors in a safe, fun environment. Studyville’s motto is “Take the Homework Fight Out of the Home” and that is just what we do.

2. When did Studyville launch?

Studyville launched virtually in April of 2020 during the global pandemic to provide students with access to tutors well-versed in every subject as students tackled the struggle of online learning. Studyville officially launched and opened its doors to their academic workspace in August of 2020 at Perkins Rowe.

 3. What type of services does Studyville offer?

Studyville is located at 10156 Perkins Rowe, Suite 170.

Studyville offers teens tutoring in all middle school and high school subjects, a unique workspace just for them, test prep, writing workshops, academic coaching, aptitude testing, essay help, college application help and college counseling. We also have green screens and film equipment to help with any projects or video conferencing our students may have.

4. How has the pandemic affected student learning?

Nearly every student in the city of Baton Rouge experienced learning loss due to the global pandemic, subsequent school shutdowns and transitions to online learning. In March of last year, Studyville immediately went online to provide tutoring services to help students during that difficult time.

5. What can Studyville give to students?

In addition to private tutoring, academic programming and workshops, Studyville provides a dedicated workspace for students to focus while doing their homework. We have everything they need to get the job done including comfortable and private spaces, materials, WiFi, printers, green screens, iPads, charging stations, coffee and snacks. Students are usually hungry after school and activities, and are therefore allowed to bring in their own dinner if they would like. Pizza and Waitr deliveries happen frequently!

6. How does Studyville stand out? What sets it apart?

Studyville is unique in the fact that students can always interact with tutors in the space. Students can come in anytime to get their work done, and we have tutors on hand to answer and explain that chemistry or algebra homework. Private sessions can be booked completely last-minute, sometimes even on demand, as we have a vast network of tutors who are always ready to help. And cancellation fees? They don’t exist. Sometimes a student is DONE and no amount of prodding or guilt-tripping will change that. We exist to make life easier for parents, not harder.


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7. What is something you’d like people to know about Studyville that they otherwise wouldn’t have?

Studyville has expert tutors that can help middle and high school students in every subject available– even AP Exams! If a subject is offered at the middle or high school level, we offer tutoring for it. We are also super-committed to safety, and parents will receive a text message every time their students check in and out of Studyville.

8. What has been the response since launching Studyville?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Already we have been able to help hundreds of students get back up to grade level, keep up their A’s, qualify for advanced classes and understand their material.  The most rewarding part is seeing how much the teens love it. They needed a space like Studyville, and we feel honored that they are letting us be a part of their learning experience.

9. Can you tell us about Summer at Studyville? What can students look forward to?

Summer at Studyville is going to be epic. We have courses that will be of interest to every student in literature, film, photography, chess, strategy games, art, robotics, coding, Hamilton, ACT prep, college recruiter visits, math kickstarts and more. Parents are even asking for adult classes! There’s nothing like our programming anywhere else in Baton Rouge. Some classes are all academic, some are just for fun. Studyville members will have access to some classes for free and will also be able to enjoy the space all summer long as they always have. Private tutoring, test prep, and college prep will continue throughout the entire summer. We have a lot of work to do to get our students back on track.

10. Where can people find Studyville?

People can find Studyville in Perkins Rowe, on social media via Facebook and Instagram, or they can visit our website at You can also schedule a tour by giving us a call at (225) 408-4553 or emailing us at [email protected].