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10 questions with Sarah Heroman of Mini Macarons

After years of filling the shelves of Billy Heroman’s, Sarah Heroman is opening a brand-new children’s boutique that combines classic apparel with a little French flair. Set to open September 5 next door to the Billy Heroman’s Perkins South location, Mini Macarons will carry a collection of kids’ clothing, gifts and more, as well as freshly made macarons. The store is located at 13726 Perkins Rd., Ste. E.

To learn more about the store and what we can expect to see on its shelves, we reached out to Heroman. Check out her answers below:

1. What is a typical day like for you and your team?

The first thing I do is wake up and check my email. With the store not quite open yet, I am constantly communicating with vendors, finalizing orders and setting up systems. The renovation of the space has also been keeping us very busy. Mini Macarons was previously a bike shop with bikes hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. Everything was decorated in yellow and black to mimic traffic signs, so there has been a lot to do to transform the space into a children’s boutique.

2. Why did you decide to open a children’s store? 

I have been going to market for the past nine years as part of the buying team for our family-owned business, Billy Heroman’s. As a florist and gift shop, we have spent a lot of time buying children’s gifts and being on the children’s floor at market in both Atlanta and Dallas, so I have become very familiar with brands, reps and the buying process over time. Opening a store of my own is an idea that I have toyed with for years but never acted upon. When a few local children’s boutiques closed, I struggled to find clothes for my own daughter, who is a tall kindergartener. That fact, combined with talking with many others who expressed the need for more options, especially in that age range, is what pushed me to take the leap of faith and go for it.

3. What is the first thing customers see when they walk through the doors of the new store?

Giant papier-mâché macarons hanging from the ceiling in a variety of pastel colors, along with a unique selection of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories for both boys and girls.

4. What sets Mini Macarons apart?

I feel like what will set us apart is that we will have a lot for that age range that seems to be limited. From size 6 to 12, it is hard to find clothes that are still sweet that moms will love but that kids will still want to wear too. We also have a lot for the boys. Girls seem to have so many more cute options available for them. As a mom with a boy also, I know that finding cute, age-appropriate boy clothing can sometimes be a struggle. We tried really hard to have an equal amount for boys as well as girls. We are striving to be a one-stop shop, from socks, shoes, dresses and sweaters to baby shower and birthday gifts. We want to make it easy and convenient for everyone.

5. What is one thing you think customers should know about Mini Macarons that they may not be aware of?

We are first and foremost a children’s clothing boutique. However, we will actually be selling macarons in the store! We will have a case at the counter with fresh batches being delivered. We will also be taking orders for parties or special occasions if larger quantities are needed.

Another fun fact is that we will have a small children’s play area in the back of the store so that if the children come along, moms can shop in peace! We have a full play French bakery, along with a kitchen serving pretend macarons and other fun French pastries to keep your kids entertained while you shop.

6. Have there been any unexpected moments in the months leading up to your grand opening?

There have been a lot! With apparel, everything is cut to order per each season. We went to market in April, which is the last market before fall orders were closing. We decided we did not want to wait until the spring of 2020 to open so we have to make a lot of fast decisions to get all of our orders in before lines closed. As you can imagine, it has been a whirlwind, but we are ready to go!

7. How do you keep the store’s inventory fresh and up to date?

Going to market is key to see what the different brands are carrying and what styles are in for each season. I also think social media can be a powerful tool. I like to follow different styles or boutiques and designers in other states and areas of the country to see what they are carrying and to get new ideas and possibly find different lines that might not be in Baton Rouge yet.

8. What are some of your favorite children’s trends?

I tend to gravitate towards a more traditional, classic style. Some of the trends that I am loving for fall are sweater capes, embroidered knee-high socks and fun, acrylic headbands, all of which we will be carrying in our store.

9. Can you share a hint about what customers will see in the store this fall?

A little bit for everyone. Our goal is for you to find something every time you walk in the door, even if it isn’t what you came there to find in the first place. You can get a sneak peek by checking out our Instagram, @shopminimacarons. We will also have a fully functioning website coming soon!

10. Lastly, if you could describe Mini Macarons in five words or less, what would they be and why?

Classic: The majority of our inventory is timeless and traditional. We will be carrying all of the classic pieces that you will need for well-rounded wardrobe for your child.

Unique: We have the good, classic basics that you always need but we also tried hard to find new and different lines and styles. We will carry a wide size range of these different styles for boys and girls.

Fresh: Something new. The store is completely updated, and the atmosphere is light and fun. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience!

Comfortable: We love beautiful dresses, but we also love a good T-shirt, too! We know that kids like to be comfortable, but we still like them to look cute. We have several different lines in the store of inexpensive but attractive T-shirts, T-shirt dresses, fleeces and other cute play clothes that both parents and kids will love, but are also functional.

Convenient: We will be able to dress your children from head to toe in one store. From their bows to their shoes, we will have it all in one convenient location so multiple stops along the way will not be needed! And if you have a birthday party or baby shower the next day and need to grab a quick gift, we’ve got you covered!

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