Get It Washed owners Amber and Desmond Mitchell with their three children. Photo courtesy Get It Washed.

10 questions with local laundry concierge service Get It Washed

Doing the laundry might be the biggest chore of them all, despite its constant appearance in our lives. Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. Luckily, the days of toiling in the laundry room can be put far behind. The owners of laundry concierge service Get It Washed understand that less time doing laundry is a relief for almost everyone. We reached out to Get It Washed co-owner Amber Mitchell to discover what laundry services can do for us.

1. What is the story of Get It Washed? How did it begin?

Get It Washed was started with one mission: more time! More time around the dinner table. More time for self care. More time for all the big and little things in life we often don’t do because of all the tasks on our plate. Our goal is to give options for delegating laundry with fair and simple pricing creating a completely “HassleFree” experience.

2. When did you launch?

We launched in 2019.

3. What kind of services do you offer?

We are a complete laundry delivery service. We pick up your dirty laundry, wash, fold/hang and deliver back to you!


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4. What is HassleFree laundry?

HassleFree is our promise. We provide three HassleFree bags: standard (about two loads), luxe (about four loads), mini (a perfect add-on for whites or baby clothes) and our HassleFree garment (for those clothes that need to be hung). These are all priced per bag. That means no weighing or guessing!

5. What is a typical day like for you and your team?

From top to bottom, our days revolve around family. Much like many other families, we get up and wrangle the kids to get the day started. We pick up, deliver, wash, fold and hang. Everyone has a role in the company, from our amazing laundry experts who handle our clients’ laundry to our executive team strategizing for growth. Once the day ends, we make sure to spend quality family time with those that mean the most.

6. What sets Get It Washed apart? 

We provide simplified, no-weigh pricing, taking out all the guesswork. There are no memberships or long-term contracts. We focus on family first.

7. What is one thing you think customers should know about Get It Washed that they might not be aware of? 

We work to be eco-friendly, from our durable and multipurpose bags to our detergents. We are also a woman- and Black-owned business focused on not only providing a HassleFree experience, but mentoring others looking to start their own business and launch their dreams.


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8. How has the response been from clients thus far?

We simply have the best clients ever. Their love letters to us have us in our feelings on the regular. We are rapidly growing and looking forward to taking the HassleFree experience to other cities!

9. What is your favorite part of the job?

Hearing about the things our clients were able to do because of our service!

10. How often can people send off their laundry per month?

We offer several subscription services: Standard Weekly with four PickUps per month (designed for professionals and students), Luxe Weekly with four PickUps per month, Standard Bi-Weekly with two PickUps per month, and Luxe Bi-Weekly, with two PickUps per month (our most popular subscription).

Learn more about Get It Washed! on the company’s website.