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10 questions with new luxury camping service Geaux Glamping

School is back in session, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. New backyard camping service Geaux Glamping is offering a way to bring excitement and adventure home. It’s not just sleeping bags on the hard ground, though. Luxury campouts in the comfort of your own yard are a reality thanks to an air-conditioned bell tent complete with memory foam beds and beautiful décor. From birthday sleepovers to date nights, co-owners Rebecca Fontenot and Lori Russell have made it their mission to reimagine the much-loved campout.

To discover just how backyard camping can create lasting memories, we recently sat down with with Fontenot and Russell. Read on to learn more:

1. What sparked the idea for a backyard glamping service?

Sometime in late May, we were inspired by a TikTok video from a mobile glamping company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We thought it was a fantastic concept and apparently a very popular one around the US and the UK. We had not seen it in Louisiana, and with our backgrounds in event management, we knew we could make this something special!

2. How did that lead to the launch of your business?

After just a week’s worth of research and planning, we dove in headfirst. We did all the naming, logo design and business planning ourselves. We met with our “investors,” better known as our husbands, on May 31 to win them over. They were impressed and certainly supportive. The next day we got to work making it all official! And we can’t forget shopping for the perfect everything to make our glamping experiences truly special for our customers.

Rebecca Fontenot & Lori Russell

3. What are your professional backgrounds?

We’ve worked together for nearly 10 years for a national nonprofit organization. We both have extensive event planning and logistics experience, so taking on a service that requires such attention to detail with the client experience in mind was a natural fit.

4. When did you launch Geaux Glamping?

We launched July 1, 2021.

5. What are some of the things Geaux Glamping offers?

We have a package for almost every occasion! We have date nights, ladies’ nights, family glampouts and even tween/teen sleepovers. With our date night packages like Date Night Under the Stars, you can expect charcuterie, fresh flowers, wine, an abundance of flameless candles to set the mood, and the best part: an in-tent movie theater experience. Our Relax & Recharge Ladies’ Night is perfect for a group of moms or friends that want to get away without having to go too far. The amenities are similar except for one exciting difference: in-tent chair massages by a licensed massage therapist. The teen/tween parties are definitely “Insta-worthy.” Everyone gets their own bed setup, and instead of a relaxing setting, we set the mood for lots of fun with candy charcuterie, music, games, flashing LED lights and more. And who can forget the best part—all our packages include air conditioning, which is so important this time of year in south Louisiana!

6. How do you make each glamping experience special and memorable?

Every glampout is different, that’s why it is important for us to know our clients and their expectations for their glampout: what they are celebrating and what special touches would mean the most to them. We have a variety of packages, but our clients can also choose from a multitude of add-ons to customize or build their own glampout.

7. What does a typical day look like for you and your team?

Considering that we are a two-woman show at this point, we do it all! We both have full-time jobs and Rebecca is a mom of three boys under 8, and she handles all of the software-related work. Lori on the other hand is an empty-nester and has evenings to devote to the social media and marketing side of Geaux Glamping.

While we both have our strengths, we make a great team. We were friends before we were business partners, and we made a promise that the friendship always comes first!

8. What is something you’d like people to know about Geaux Glamping that they otherwise wouldn’t have?

Geaux Glamping isn’t just for backyard glampouts. We can add a unique lounge area to any type of event such as baby or bridal showers, garden tea parties and family gatherings. We also offer boho picnics with or without a glamping package!

Boho Picnic. Photo by Geaux Glamping.

9. How has customer response been thus far?

The response has been great! Everyone we talk to loves the concept and has been excited to learn more about it. It looks like we are going to be very busy when the weather cools down a bit. In addition, our following on social media is steadily growing and we will continue to promote within our communities, schools and friends.

10. What can we expect to see in the future for Geaux Glamping?

We are constantly researching and learning more about the backyard glamping industry, which means we are constantly improving our brand and our services. We also hope to be able to grow our team to serve more clients and cover a larger area. Look for us popping up in your neighbors’ backyards!

Learn more about Geaux Glamping on the company’s website.