Comeaux's Florist. Photo by Tiffany Comeaux.

10 questions with Comeaux’s Florist

Whether it be the arrival of a child, saying “I do” or grieving the loss of a loved one, flowers are emblematic of life’s many milestones–a truth held by Comeaux’s Florist owner Tiffany Comeaux. After pursuing a passion in floristry by opening a shop of her own in the midst of the pandemic, Comeaux strives to expand her creativity by reimagining floral design.

We recently sat down with Comeaux to explore her world of bouquets and posies:

1. What is the story of Comeaux’s Florist? How did it begin?

Comeaux’s was my dream from the very beginning. I wanted to offer floral designs with a unique flair that are fun and carefully curated, and I wanted absolute creative freedom. This final step, Comeaux’s Florist, finally emerged at the brink of the pandemic. It certainly wasn’t the most ideal time to open up a shop. Many of us were learning how to juggle being full-time stay-at-home parents, full-time teachers, full-time quarantiners and full-time partners! As it turned out for us, adding full-time business owner and designer to the list was the flower on the cake.

2. What is your professional background?

I started working in a flower shop the summer after high school. Being in that environment allowed me to create, and it seemed like such a dream to play in flowers all day. Over the last 20 years, I have been lucky to work with some really amazing and inspirational designers/owners that taught the fundamentals and mechanics of solid design. Now, I’m obsessed! I’m constantly looking for new ways to use old products, different ways to use flowers and color, and unexplored avenues to spur as much creativity and uniqueness into the sentiments that get said on the card.


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3. What piqued your interest in floristry?

Every corner of the industry is very exciting. There is no other art like it. The flowers, materials, events and clients are constantly changing. I love that you can evoke pure emotion with flowers; making people feel better in times that are difficult, and elated in times of joy. Flowers mark moments in our lives that are unforgettable, and it is such an honor to add beauty to that. I gravitate toward modern designs that get people excited about ordering and receiving flowers.

4. What’s something people may not know about Comeaux’s Florist?

We’re a 100% women-owned small business with lifelong roots right here in the Capital area. In addition to fresh flower arrangements, we also offer custom silk arrangements or we can bring new life to your silks from years past.

5. What do you have in store for Valentine’s Day?

This year, we’re delivering mixed flower arrangements in interesting color combinations and textures in a variety of clear glass and vintage crystal bud vases, and succulent gardens in these sweet little clear glass hearts I found antiquing over the winter. You can also order traditional red rose dozens, red roses with lilies or a dozen in the pavé style with lots of lovely greenery.

Succulents offered at Comeaux’s Florist.

6. Do you have any advice on how to make your arrangements last longer?

Keep the vase filled with clean water and give the ends a fresh cut. Any cut stem that isn’t submerged will close quickly, so keep your vase filled and this will allow you to enjoy your arrangement longer.

7. Can Comeaux’s create the flowers for a wedding?

Of course! We offer wedding and event design for any size event. We will do our best to work within your budget and create the setting you’re dreaming of. Comeaux’s loves flowers and creating beautiful, unique events that showcase your personality and style. You can find us on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook and Instagram.

8. What is your favorite part of the job?

THE FLOWERS! Also, a deep love for a wide variety of product: greens, mosses, branches, pods, grasses, anything that can be used in a design.

9. What are some of your best-selling arrangements?

Most of the time, customers ask for what I call “best in show”—this means a variety of the prettiest blossoms we can find. It’s our specialty and really the best way to get a big beautiful arrangement of the season’s best.

10. What can customers expect to see this season?

One-of-a-kind teacher appreciation gifts (because what a year to say thanks!) and rainbow-inspired plant gardens for June. Also, new ways to use old glass and vintage containers. And as always: loads of colorful flowers.