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From the Editor: Matter of Time

I am always looking for more time. More time before I have to leave for work. More time to spend with my kids once I get home. More time to procrastinate doing the laundry.

Photo by Jordan Hefler

Time is priceless. You can’t bribe anyone to give you more. Everyone has the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day. And no matter how wealthy you are, that doesn’t change.

Time is the great equalizer.

I thought I was pressed for time when I was younger, with the constraints of homework and things like late-night Skype conversations—do the kids still use Skype? But once I became a mother? That’s a whole new ballgame. And then when I became a mother of two? Just throw the clock away. I’ll get there when I get there.

It seems like every day is more of a rush. Adding anything else would completely unravel the space-time continuum. But then you do it. You add that soccer practice or that Pilates class, and you realize it can happen. It’s all about making it work and making it a priority.

Don’t worry. I’m not here to advocate for a New Year’s resolution of daily Pilates. I, personally, think resolutions are useless. There. I said it.

But one thing I do believe in is the power of priorities. They change the way you see things. They change the way you see your time.

Every January, inRegister recognizes local women who have made philanthropy their priority. They fill their daily allotted seconds, minutes and hours with service to others, rather than themselves.

Giving of your time to others, that’s a priceless gift. There are no tax deductions for time spent. And while monetary donations are incredibly important, without these people donating their time, there would be nothing.

Someone has to serve the food. Someone has to listen to the problems. Someone has to make it happen. And these five women do that.

You can read all about their causes, and how they spend their time, starting on page 31. And as you learn more about what moves them—the people (and animals) that are their priorities—I challenge you to think about what else could fit into your schedule. How else could you spend your time in this new year?

Definitely don’t make any resolutions. But maybe just consider any time that might be better spent lifting up someone else. After all, time is priceless. So it’s best not to waste any.