Ben Anderson and Hope Babin tailgating in 2018. Photo by Jordan Hefler.

#TakeoutTuesday: Off-campus tailgating food ideas from ‘225’ readers

We could sulk in the missed opportunities of setting up tailgates on LSU’s campus, dishing out a heaping plate of jambalaya and “Tiger-baiting” the visiting team’s fans. Or we could revel in the chance to roll out a new gameday culinary offense this season, even if the crowds are little smaller and, hopefully, amassed in an air-conditioned living room filled with ample couch seating, plenty of coasters, and—what else—snacks upon snacks upon snacks.

If you’re looking to rival the classic Tiger tailgate spread, check out 225 magazine’s list of tailgate-from-home options based on audience recommendations. 225’s Instagram followers have offered more than a few ideas, from Gourmet Girls’ football watch party tailgate menu to Little Graze’s charcuterie boards, that will keep your guests huddled around the snack table all Saturday night.