Photo courtesy Gourmet Girls.

#TakeoutTuesday: King cakes to try locally

It’s a dilemma we Louisianans face every January—to remain resilient in our fitness resolutions or have them squandered by the intoxicating ingredients of king cake. Whether you’re a devout eater of the Louisiana pastry or an occasional snacker, the king cakes featured in our sister magazine 225 are bringing a piece of sweetness to an otherwise vinegary time.

To alleviate the negative feelings stirring inside of us after the cancellation of Mardi Gras, bakeries are pioneering inventive ways to give the people of Baton Rouge what they crave and desire. With the shipment of Gambino’s and Ambrosia Bakery’s king cakes to people’s homes, and Gourmet Girls’ “Queen Cakes” ready to go, it is only responsible of us to remain in our homes and safely scarf down some king cake this season.

Click here to read the full story from 225 and get a taste of what’s to come this revamped Mardi Gras season.