Dish: Supper Club’s A5 Shichiri Wagyu

Since Supper Club opened in May, exclusivity has been its through line, illustrated in an internationally informed interior design, a dress code and a private dining “Rumor Room” that seats no more than 12 and requires a $3,000 minimum. Similarly, the menu, says chef Leighton Carbo, “is sourced with literally the most exclusive ingredients I can find.” Case in point: the A5 Shichiri Wagyu. 

Magnificently marbled slices are served raw with a hot stone, so there’s no fear of overcooking. Patrons warm the slices themselves, adding a finish of truffled or smoked salt. The cuts are sourced from Sky Ranch in Japan’s respected Hida prefecture from a subset of cows singled out for their excellence. Only 120 cows received the grade this year, and only seven other restaurants in the United States are currently licensed to sell it. 

“It’s just perfectly balanced. We call it meat butter,” Carbo says. “It’s meant to be an experience where everyone gets a bite of the most luscious, rarest beef you can find.”

Supper Club

10480 Perkins Rd.
(225) 341-1000

Tuesday through Saturday, 5 to 10 p.m.
Dress code and reservations required