Sommelier: DAOU

With the New Year, we are obligated to tighten our belt, squeeze our wallet and find the best-for-the-money weekday wine. Truth be known, we’re all looking for three things: (1) the fountain of youth, (2) happiness and (3) a delicious red wine that costs $20 but scores 100 points. With minimum investment and maximum flavor, DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon fits the bill. It sells in the $20s and always scores in the 90s.

This highly rated Paso Robles cab roars upfront with aromas of black cherries, flavors of dark berries and enough well-integrated smooth, sweet tannins to power through a long, intoxicating finish. It’s rich, elegant and beautifully balanced. Crafted Old World style with New World technique from vineyards within the rugged extremes of California’s central coast, DAOU will KO most Bordeaux reds double or triple the price.

DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon is available at Sullivan’s Steakhouse, where it pairs perfectly with the Snake River Farms Wagyu Bone-in Strip. Or grill your own cut, but first stop by Calandro’s Supermarket, where you can pick up a bottle of DAOU for about $28. It’s a great pairing for a cold winter night.