Sommelier: Viva La Vida Rosé

Viva La Vida Rosé Cava is a bounty of bargain bubbles tied with a pink ribbon. Clean, crisp and refreshing, this QPR treasure is coral in color and crafted from 100% pinot noir grapes. Viva La Vida’s aromas are wrapped in rose petals and strawberry blossoms, delivering a delightful brioche biscuit taste topped off with fresh orchard apple and crystalized lemon zest. Born and bred just outside Barcelona in Spain’s Penedès wine region, Three Finger Winery complies with Spain’s strict Cava classification laws by using the French Champagne production methods. Comparing bubble to bubble, Champagne is sophisticated, Prosecco is frothy and Cava is the happy median with a Catalonian point of view.

Viva La Vida Rosé Cava pairs perfectly with the Seared Scallops at Beausoleil Restaurant & Bar, where both are available to pick up and take home during the current crisis. Or buy a bottle for $17 at Calandro’s Supermarket and serve with your favorite seafood.

Until our world turns right side up, say adieu to Champagne, ciao to Prosecco and ¡Viva la Vida!