Sommelier: Tamber Bey Rabicano

When temperatures fall and holidays are in the air, red wine comes into full focus. In my playbook, Tamber Bey Rabicano grabs center stage. It’s a classic Bordeaux blend of mostly cabernet sauvignon that shows beautifully in a medley of dark fruit and spice flavors. With cabernet franc perfume, merlot richness and petit verdot power, Rabicano is seductive through the core from initial aroma to lingering finish. Produced from Tamber Bey’s Deaux Chaveaux Vineyard northeast of Yountville and aged in new French oak barrels, this plush and polished red delivers sophisticated complexity supported by firm, but smooth, tannins.

You will find a bottle of Rabicano at Churchill’s Wine and Cigars as well as at Calandro’s on Government Street. Rabicano is available BTG at Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar, where it pairs perfectly with Executive Chef Nathan Gresham’s Beef Short Ribs. Or join the California wine country crowd for a different kind of pairing. Just head north of Napa directly to the Tamber Bey Winery, where a world-class equestrian training center is housed on-site. There you can experience the unique blend of tasting fine wines while mingling with top performance horses.