Sommelier: Stretch Drive

Founded in 2010, Post Parade Winery is an infant in Napa time but fully developed according to the experts. Three horse-racing fans from Kentucky traveled thousands of miles to Napa Valley, shopped the vineyards, selected a famous winemaker, and produced one almost-perfect cabernet sauvignon named Post Parade and a second label named Stretch Drive.

Crafted by Thomas Rivers Brown, now one of the most successful winemakers in California, Stretch Drive defines the pop-and-pour generation of reasonably priced wines that are easy to drink right out of the gate. Deep purple in color and velvet smooth in texture, it begins with aromas of blackberries followed by a powerful punch of red cherry and finishing with a cocoa almond kiss. Stretch Drive is 100% cabernet sauvignon, 100% Napa Valley, and 100% delightful.

Available BTG at Stroube’s Seafood and Steak Restaurant, Stretch Drive cabernet sauvignon pairs perfectly with the Braised Short Ribs. Production is limited, so take a hedonistic moment to buy a bottle for about $65 at Calandro’s Supermarket Mid City. Bet on Stretch Drive across the board to win, place and show.