Sommelier: Red Schooner

Red Schooner captures the best of two worlds. It’s produced using Mendoza malbec grapes, hand harvested from high altitude vineyards in Argentina’s Andes Mountains. These grapes are then shipped ultra-chilled to California where Caymus crafts them into Red Schooner, numbering the bottles according to their voyage instead of their vintage.

But the oceangoing freighter that transports these grapes from Argentina to the U.S. is not likely a red schooner. Nor was the French boat that traversed the Atlantic in the 1800s introducing malbec to Argentina, now the No. 1 malbec wine region in the world.

Red Schooner Malbec Voyage 6 is rich, ripe and filled with concentrated flavors of black fruits overlain by soft tannins ending with a smooth chocolate finish. This malbec is an easy-drinking expression of the Caymus house style—dense, dark and delicious.

Red Schooner is available at Zorba’s Greek Bistro, where it pairs perfectly with the rack of lamb. Or pick up a bottle for $50 at Alexander’s Highland Market, but decant this dreamer well before dinner.